Minecraft Rated As an Adult Game in South Korea
Minecraft Rated As an Adult Game in South Korea

Minecraft has been rated as a game only for players 19 and up in South Korea! Here’s what went into the decision, and what we know so far.

Minecraft has innovated gaming for over a decade. Part of the magic of Minecraft is that it can bring players together from all backgrounds and age groups, being just as enthralling to the youth as it can be for veteran gamers.

In South Korea, however, the game has taken on a new Adult rating that will be a barrier for younger players looking to play the game in the country.

Minecraft Rating and its Impact

Video game ratings are done locally, and different cultures view different video game genres and features differently. This can result in a wide range of ratings around the world.

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Despite this, Minecraft couldn’t be further from a game deserving an Adult rating. So why has it just received as much in South Korea?

This surprising rating is a result of what’s called the Cinderella Law. It was put into place to prevent children from playing video games late into the night.

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With the new rating, Minecraft in South Korea now requires account creators to be at least 19 years old, though this can be bypassed quite easily with little restriction so far.

Minecraft Ratings Around the World

The Minecraft age rating in South Korea stands out as a strange and unique result. This is especially true with the way Minecraft has been treated everywhere else in the world.

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Most countries have Minecraft’s age rating between 6-10 years old (with the oldest being the US at 10+). And while older gamers certainly have stuck with the game since its early beta phases, time and time again boards find that the game’s experience is safe for much younger players.

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Until further review comes, however, South Korea will require Minecraft players are 19 or older to play.

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