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Minecraft Devs Answer Questions on Future Changes

Posted on by bisecthosting

A new Ask Mojang segment features community questions for Minecraft developers and team members on the future of Minecraft and some potential upcoming features.

Here's what we learned about what's coming for Minecraft.

Future Armor Types

When asked about future armor types, we learned that developers are shooting for armors to have different inherent strengths akin to Netherite Armor not melting in lava.

The new Netherite armor and tools are awesome! : Minecraft

Whether this means future changes to other armor types or more in this direction with future armor types remains to be seen.

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Copper Tools, Armor

When the team was asked about tools and armor from Copper in the Caves and Cliffs Update, we learned that a Copper armor and tool type is unlikely.

Copper and lightning rod now in Bedrock Beta | Minecraft

This is because Mojang wants new armors and tool types to have specific individual advantages, and while we can expect more items in the future, it doesn't seem like Copper is the right fit.

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Off Hand Changes for Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can carry relevant items in their offhand like shields and maps, but at the suggestion of a question, we may soon see plenty of other items begin to work in this way.

Using Dual Wielding to Its Fullest (Minecraft Reaches Version 1.9!) - Dual  Wield, Fly, Conquer! Mastering Minecraft eGuide | Prima Games

While the team gave no specifics for this, it seems likely this type of change will come in the future. The team clarified that the intention is to continue joining together the Java and Bedrock Edition experiences in Minecraft, and this could be one change on the way.

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