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Minecraft Developers Answer Community Questions About Minecraft Mobs

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A new Ask Mojang video is in, and with it comes some interesting questions about the future of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs.

Here’s what we learned in the new Ask Mojang segment, which focused on the mobs of Minecraft.

The Questions And Answers

The latest Ask Mojang segment saw Minecraft developers answer a few different questions, some more humorous, but others touching on real things that fans want to see, and could eventually see.

The Caves Cliffs Update is here | Minecraft

These are the most interesting questions and answers given by the team at Mojang this time around.

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Will Foxes and Mountain Goats be tamable in the Caves and Cliffs update?

Mountain Goats are very to themselves in Minecraft, and have no interest in players. Also, they’re a bit of a dangerous companion with their tendency to butt heads (literally). 

Have you considered giving Villages to mobs other than Villagers?

We see this somewhat already at the Bastion Remnants in The Nether, where Piglins stack houses together to make small communities, the team added though that they would love to see more of this idea.

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How long can an Axolotl breathe out of the water?

An Axolotl can breathe out of water for 5 minutes to the dot, so keep this in mind when handling them!

Why does the Ender Dragon stay in the spawn island?

The Ender Dragon sticks around The End to protect its egg and its crystals, which keep it essentially invulnerable.

If the Creeper never existed, which mob would be the Minecraft mascot?

The team split three ways on this, naming the Enderman, Piglin, and Chicken.

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Why did you make the Enderman take damage from water?

This originally came from a player suggestion that perhaps the Enderman could fear water. After all, there is no water in The End.

How do you come up with new Minecraft mobs for a specific update?

Ideas come from a variety of sources, whether it’s a popular community suggestion, something that adds relevant gameplay concepts to new biomes, or simply based on the update’s theme.

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