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Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A: Patch Notes & How to Install

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 6 minutes)
After the massive Trial Chamber release, a smaller patch has appeared! Today, we explore Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A, the redstone changes it brings, and how to try out the latest update with family and friends.


Snpashot 23W46A Promo Image Alongside all the Minecraft 1.21 features released so far, Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A adjusts the tick delay for auto crafters and copper bulbs. Unfortunately, Mojang has warned that this change will cause some redstone contraptions with those blocks to no longer function.

Patch Notes

  • Updated Crafter textures
Technical Changes
  • The Data Pack version is now 25
Data Pack Version 25
  • Added individual display names for scoreboard entries
Display names
  • Each entry in a scoreboard can now have a custom display name
  • Those values are kept separate per objective and score holder
  • If the name is not present, the score holder name is used (i.e. the old behavior)
  • If the score is reset or the whole objective is removed, the name is not preserved
  • Team decorations will still be applied to names as normal
  • Subcommands for managing names:
    • scoreboard players display name <targets> <objective> <text component> - set display name
    • scoreboard players display name <targets> <objective> - clear display name
Display name auto-update
  • To make display name management easier, objectives can also be configured to auto-update display names on every score update
  • This option is disabled by default
  • If a score holder has no display name (because it can't be attributed to any currently loaded entity), the current name is preserved
  • Command to control auto-update for objective:
    • scoreboard objectives modify <scoreboard> displayautoupdate [true|false]
Number formatting
  • Scores in numeric form can now be formatted
  • Formats can be set for both objectives and individual scores
  • Scores with set formats will render the same in all context (sidebar, under player name, etc.)
  • Subcommands for managing formats:
    • scoreboard objectives modify <objective> numberformat <format> - for setting default format for an objective
    • scoreboard objectives modify <objective> numberformat - for clearing default format for an objective
    • scoreboard players display numberformat <targets> <score> <format> - for setting format for a specific score holder
    • scoreboard players display numberformat <targets> <score> - for clearing format for a specific score holder
  • styled <style> - score will be displayed with selected style (like {"bold":true})
  • fixed <text component> - score will be replaced with text
  • blank - score will not be displayed
Fixed Bugs In Snapshot 23w46a
  • MC-259321 - Spawner counts related entities against MaxNearbyEntities
  • MC-265662 - "Cannot kick server owner in LAN game" message when trying to kick yourself from non-LAN singleplayer world
  • MC-265873 - Narrator Hotkey description mentions the wrong modifier key on macOS
  • MC-265910 - Crafter block has a one game tick cooldown
  • MC-265950 - Crafters will stack items when outputting into chiseled bookshelf
  • MC-266076 - Copper Grates can't be waterlogged
  • MC-266099 - Spectating an entity that takes damage makes the camera shake
  • MC-266120 - Some advancements for 1.21 block recipes are in the regular datapack
  • MC-266148 - Some Crafting recipes for the new copper blocks appear when Experiment is disabled
  • MC-266190 - Tuff blockset color palette is inconsistent with itself
  • MC-266437 - Wind charge subtitles are improperly capitalized
  • MC-266445 - Breeze mob doesn't count to Monster Hunter
  • MC-266455 - Breeze spawn eggs are in the incorrect place in the creative inventory
  • MC-266459 - The hitboxes and models of wind charges are misaligned
  • MC-266538 - Trial spawners can be replaced by lava pools and other features
  • MC-266622 - Wind Charges can't switch levers off

How to Install Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A

Snapshot Install Screenshot Installing Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A requires only a few steps, all inside the Minecraft launcher.
  1. Open the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots under the ‘Installations’ tab.
  2. Click ‘New Installation’ and then ‘Latest Snapshot’ in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click ‘Create.’
With those three steps complete, a new snapshot installation should now be a selectable option before clicking play! However, once in game, a few more steps are needed before enjoying the latest additions the Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A brings.
  1. Click ‘Create New World’ and then ‘Experiments.’
  2. Enable all the experimental features you would like to see in your game. ‘Update 1.21’ is the only one required for the features of Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A.
  3. Click ‘Done,’ and after giving your world a name, select ‘Create New World’ again.
The new world should now begin loading automatically. If not, select the world and click play before enjoying the game.

How to make Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A Servers

BisectHosting Logo Repairing all those redstone contraptions may require a few extra hands! Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A servers can be created for free through home hosting, but we recommend paid hosting options for ease of use and performance, especially since snapshots can be buggy! Paid hosting is offered here at BisectHosting and many other places around the web. No less than 4GB of server RAM is recommended.

Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W46A: Patch Notes & How to Install

Not every snapshot will be as big as last week’s, but even smaller patches can be controversial. Many redstone enjoyers disagree with the tick changes to auto crafters and copper bulbs. What are your thoughts on it all? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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