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Minecraft 1.21 Crafter Guide

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes)
Crafting will never be the same come Minecraft 1.21, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult change! Today, we explain the newly added Crafter block step by step in our Minecraft 1.21 Crafter Guide.

Crafter Guide: Crafting the Crafter

Minecraft 1.21 Crafter Recipe Screenshot Crafting a crafter begins with none other than a crafting table, some iron, redstone, and a dropper! However, below are the raw materials in their exact numbers:
  • Raw Iron x5
  • Planks x4
  • Redstone x3
  • Cobblestone x7
Begin by turning your four planks into a crafting table. This will be at the center of the crafter recipe. Next, smelt the five raw iron into ingots. While they are cooking, grab your seven cobblestone and place them around the outside of the crafting table’s grid in the same way you would a furnace. However, put one redstone at the bottom rather than an eighth cobblestone. This instead crafts a dropper! Now that all the items are ready, place the crafting table at the center of the 6x6 crafting table grid. Once done, place the five iron ingots in the same pattern as a helmet along the top row and on each side of the crafting table. Finally, place one redstone on the bottom left, the dropper on the bottom middle, and a second redstone on the bottom right. If done correctly, a crafter block should be available to grab, like in the screenshot above.

Powering the Crafter

Infinite Redstone Loop Screenshot Crafter blocks can not be used in the same way a crafting table can. Instead, crafters need to be powered by redstone. This can be as simple as attaching a button or lever, but only one item will ever be crafted per activation. This means that even if there is a consistent source of power, it will only spit out one crafted item. To bypass this restriction, players can make an infinite redstone loop using five redstone, four redstone repeaters, one redstone comparator, and two redstone torches. This will create a redstone device that provides repeating bursts of power to the crafter, causing it to continuously craft until no resources remain. Begin by creating an infinite redstone loop, as seen in this video. Next, add the redstone comparator to a corner, followed by redstone, and then a redstone torch one block up and directly behind the crafter. If done correctly, the crafter will begin crafting until no resources remain. Our screenshot above shows a functioning example.

Using the Crafter

Minecraft 1.21 Crafter Grid Editing Screenshot The easiest way to use the crafter is placing the items for your desired recipe in manually. Each burst of redstone power will then craft one block/item until no resources remain. However, players looking to craft items on an industrial scale can use hoppers to continuously feed items into the crafter. Items fed into the crafter will fill the 6x6 grid one item/block at a time, beginning with the top left slot and continuing right before repeating for each line. Additionally, the crafter itself allows for slots on the 6x6 crafting grid to be disabled with a click. In the screenshot above, the bottom row and middle slot were disabled for the continuous crafting of iron helmets as an example.

Minecraft 1.21 Crafter Guide

With everything above combined, you are now ready to harness the power of the crafter! We hope our crafter guide has helped with your new crafting endeavors. After all, the crafter will likely lead to Minecraft’s industrial revolution! Or, at the very least, an abundance of automation. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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