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Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Updates: How to try out The Wild Update

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Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, is without a doubt the most highly anticipated thing in the game today.

This update will add the exciting and dangerous new mob The Warden after its originally expected 2021 release date.

Thankfully The Wild Update will expand on what The Warden was set to offer, bringing new biomes, blocks, and more.

But while we're far from a Minecraft 1.19 release date, that doesn't mean you can't try out its content.

Here's how to try out some of The Wild Update thanks to a recent Minecraft Snapshot Update.

Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Update brings The Warden, Shriekers, Sensors, and more

Minecraft 1.19 will bring a number of new additions to the game to give the game a bit more of a horror edge. Leading that charge is The Warden, and the latest Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Update gives players the chance to see this mob face to face.

Minecraft 1.19's first snapshot is live | PCGamesN

Snapshot updates offer the chance for players to test upcoming content coming to Minecraft in their own game. These updates are a work in progress, which means more technical problems are expected than is typical.

Even further, the content included in these snapshot updates is not final as to how it'll be on the next update's official launch. In this case, the Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Update is far from final, and any of the inclusions could change, even the functions of The Warden.

With that, let's dive into everything the Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Update has to offer!

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Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Update Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes from the very first Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot Update:

  • Added Deep Dark biome to the Overworld
  • Added Ancient City structures to the Deep Dark
  • Included Darkness mob effect
  • Added Sculk, Sculk Veins, Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Shrieker blocks
  • Re-added Sculk Sensor to the Creative Mode menu
  • Sculk Sensors now always activate when stepped on, even when sneaking
  • Sculk Sensors can now only be obtained with Silk Touch, otherwise they drop XP
  • Added the Swift Sneak enchantment
  • Added Warden mob

Ancient City

  • Ancient City structures spawn in the Deep Dark biome
  • In chests, guarded by sculk sensors and shriekers, you can find the new Swift Sneaking enchantment
  • You can also find a new mysterious block called Reinforced Deepslate here, which cannot be obtained in Survival
  • Mobs cannot spawn in Ancient Cities

Known Issues

  • Ancient City structures extend far beyond the Deep Dark biome, even though they start there
  • Aquifers can sometimes intersect with Ancient City structures and submerge/destroy big chunks of the structure


  • A new mob effect unique to the Warden and Sculk Shrieker, which will afflict you with it when nearby.
  • Lowers the gamma down at an equivalent of “Moody” while having this effect.
  • In periodic pulses, will lower the overall brightness of the world so that the darkness creeps up against light sources.
  • When the Warden is around, torches will be more important than ever!
  • A new Accessibility slider has been added in your Options menu called “Darkness Effect”
  • Controls how dark the Darkness effect gets when a Warden or Sculk Shrieker gives it to you, but will not affect the fog distance

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Deep Dark biome

  • Dimly lit and eerie, the Deep Dark is sure to strike fear into the hearts of even the most brave player
  • The floor of the Deep Dark is covered in sculk
  • The only mob that calls the Deep Dark home is the Warden


  • Added Sculk block
    • When Wool blocks are placed on a Sculk block, it will let nearby Sculk Sensors know, preventing that vibration from being occluded
  • Added Sculk Vein block
    • These veins are found on the edge of Sculk patches
    • Similar to Glow Lichen, they can be placed in any orientation
    • Sculk Vein can be waterlogged
  • Added Sculk Shrieker block
    • Notable for its boney appendages, this block responds to Sculk Sensors detecting vibrations by sending out a warning call to distant Wardens.
      • Watch out when stepping on them, as they will feel that too and send out a call!
    • Initially it may take some time for a Warden to arrive, but you’ll hear it responding in the distance…
    • Once it’s close enough, the Sculk Shrieker's call summons the Warden nearby, so be prepared!
    • Sculk Shriekers are found generating in the Deep Dark or growing from Sculk Catalysts.
  • Added Sculk Catalyst block
    • A mysteriously soul-emitting block that blooms when mobs die within an 8 block radius
    • Mobs that perish in the presence of the catalyst will not drop their experience
    • Instead, a bubbling charge is created at the place the mob perished
    • This charge from mobs will spread through Sculk Veins and Sculk blocks in random directions until they find a valid substrate they can convert into Sculk
      • The value of the charge is directly proportional to the amount of XP the perished mob would have dropped, and each time a block is converted into Sculk it will remove 1 value from that charge
      • This charge in the Sculk blocks and Sculk Veins will eventually decay, but it will decay much, much slower in the close vicinity of the Sculk Catalyst, and much faster away from its host
      • If the charge decays 4 blocks away from the catalyst, it has a chance of growing a Sculk Sensor or a Sculk Shrieker
      • Charges and their values also merge when they move to the same position
  • All Sculk family blocks require Silk Touch to acquire. Otherwise, they drop experience when mined
  • The efficient tool for all Sculk family blocks is the Hoe
  • Made Sculk Sensor available in creative mode

Swift Sneak

  • This enchantment is found exclusively in chests in Ancient Cities, and has 3 levels
  • When applied, it will increase your movement speed while crouching
  • Can only be applied to boots, and cannot be combined with Soul Speed, Frost Walker, or Depth Strider

The Warden

  • Just like Sculk Sensors, these terrifying creatures use vibrations as a means to navigate their environment
  • When vibrations aren’t enough, they will also use a sense of smell to track down their prey - you can observe them sniffing their surroundings to get closer to unsuspecting players and mobs
  • To add to their myriad of ways to detect you, try not to get too close! If you collide with a Warden, it will notice you
  • In the Deep Dark, Wardens are everywhere - you just can’t see them. They slumber beneath your feet, and only dig out when enough Sculk Shriekers have alerted them of your presence
  • Watch your step: the more vibrations a Warden detects, the angrier it will get. You can hear and see this from how fast the souls in its chest are beating
  • Once a mob has pushed beyond the Warden’s anger threshold, it will face its prey and roar before charging
  • If, however, you keep the Warden from noticing you or getting angry for 60 seconds, it will dig back underground and despawn
  • They have a special interaction with thrown projectiles
    • If the Warden receives two projectile vibrations within 5 seconds of one another, it will grow angrier at the shooter
    • If the Warden receives a projectile vibration more than 5 seconds from the last projectile, it will not grow angrier at the shooter
    • This allows you to strategically distract the Warden without it getting angry while you take loot from nearby chests
  • Unfortunately for all players, Wardens will also disable shields when they hit them with their fists
  • They do not drop any loot
  • Wardens are powerful creatures. It is often better to sneak around one that has emerged instead of taking it head on.

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