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Minecraft 1.19 Pre-Release 3: How to Download, Patch Notes & Latest News

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Mojang has come out of the gates fast with yet another additional Minecraft 1.19 update before its launch, Pre Release 3.

Minecraft 1.19 Pre-Release 3 continues to hone the content coming in The Wild Update with bug fixes, adjustments, and even some new features along the way.

These new Pre-Release updates have taken over after a long string of Snapshot updates. And while it’s an exciting sign that things are closer to launch, it also means a bit of chaos as these updates don’t come with a regular schedule.

With that, let’s dive right into the Minecraft 1.19 Pre-Release 3 update, including covering its patch notes and how to download it to see The Wild Update now.

Release Date

The Minecraft 1.19 Pre-Release 3 update went live on Wednesday, May 25th

This patch comes just two days after Pre-Release 2, and makes some important changes in its patch notes. 

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Patch Notes

Without further adieu, let’s jump straight into the Minecraft 1.19 Pre-Release 3 patch notes!

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General Changes

  • Wardens’ sonic boom attack now bypasses the damage reduction by armor enchantments such as Protection

Technical Changes

  • item_interact_start is no longer detectable as a vibration to allow more specific actions be detected, like drink or eat, but item_interact_finish still is

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Bug Fixes

  • MC-209932 - Sculk sensors only detect the last turtle egg being broken when being stepped on
  • MC-210277 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon chickens laying eggs
  • MC-210278 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon bees entering or leaving their hive or nest
  • MC-214622 - Sculk sensors do not detect daylight detector mode switching
  • MC-249094 - Unexpected culling of inner sculk shrieker faces
  • MC-249230 - Frogs prioritize eating entities over panicking when being damaged
  • MC-250162 - Placing a map in an item frame will break any intersecting paintings and item frames with a map inside
  • MC-250238 - Frogs attempt to pathfind to entities outside of their reach causing them to spin and twitch constantly
  • MC-250983 - Allays can get stuck and freeze inside non-full blocks
  • MC-251220 - Block lighting on extended parts are a lot darker in 22w17a compared to 1.18.2
  • MC-251420 - Demo Mode: The “Purchase Now!” link’s destination is incorrect
  • MC-251858 - Subtitles are higher than in previous versions
  • MC-251872 - The game output and server console are logged with warnings regarding chat packets with invalid signatures when using entity selectors within commands
  • MC-251878 - Sculk sensors hearing items being dropped on the ground doesn’t alert shriekers even if a player drops it
  • MC-251968 - /execute running chat related commands logs “Received chat packet without valid signature” warning
  • MC-252071 - Warden still detects after death if signal is traveling before death
  • MC-252078 - Allays no longer flee or panic when taking damage

How to Download Minecraft 1.19 Pre-Release 3

To download the latest Pre-Release update, open the Minecraft launcher and enable snapshots in the Installations tab in Java Edition.

It's important to be aware these updates have the chance to corrupt your world, so be safe with how you use it with any long-term saves.

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