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HumanitZ Radio Tower Guide: Location, Repair Requirements, & More

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes)
Repairing the Radio Tower in HumanitZ is one of the first objectives zombie apocalypse survivors must complete. It requires players first to find this structure's location and then to repair it using specific items. So, keep reading as we guide you through your first quest in HumanitZ!

HumanitZ Radio Tower Location

HumanitZ Survivor Letter First, open your inventory as soon as you spawn into the game. Then, read the Former Survivor Letter, which marks a location on your map. That green circle on the map window is the location of the Radio Tower in HumanitZ. HumanitZ Radio Tower Location If you select the Starter Spawn Point, prepare for a fairly long trek. Although this spawn point has a drivable car, it'll likely be out of fuel. So, you can look for a fuel can and refuel the car, or you can walk from the spawn point to the Radio Tower's location. Either way, the way to the Radio Tower has multiple zeeks. You can avoid the undead packs or kill them one by one. Remember, many zeeks are fairly slow, which means you should be able to avoid their strikes. However, watch out for the zombie dogs; these not-so-friendly creatures run fast and bite hard. You'll come across a military roadblock when you're near the Radio Tower's location. However, the zeeks infested this area, much like the rest of the world. Again, remain patient and pick off the undead one at a time. More zeeks are waiting for you at the bottom of the Radio Tower. But, this time, you’ll likely encounter some special zeeks. In particular, these unique zombies have green puffs of smoke coming from their bodies. Watch out for these zeeks, as getting hit by their attacks can inflict damage over time. Run away once you defeat the zombies with the green smoke. These types of undead have one last trick up their sleeve and will explode, causing green, acidic puss to litter the ground. Stepping on the ooze causes damage over time, so stay away from it. Thankfully, the acidic residue will disappear after a few minutes.

Repairing the Radio Tower

HumanitZ Radio Tower After eliminating the zeeks surrounding the Radio Tower in HumanitZ, interact with the Radio Tower's control panel. However, the job isn't over because now you must repair the structure. Fixing the Radio Tower in HumanitZ requires the following items: 1x Car Battery, 1x Electronics, 1x Electrical Cable, and 1x Radio Receiver. HumanitZ Radio Tower Repair Find the Electronics, Car Battery, and Electrical Cable in abandoned cars and car shops around the map. However, it can be tricky to find a Radio Receiver. There’s one at the Music Store in a small town to the east of the Radio Tower’s location.

What Does the Radio Tower Do in HumanitZ?

Successfully repairing the Radio Tower in HumanitZ lets you gain access to the airdrops. You can change the frequency of the supply drops in the Settings menu, but only if you're playing in Single-Player Mode or as a server administrator to a HumanitZ multiplayer server. You'll know when an airdrop occurs if you hear helicopter sounds. Then, check your map for a red marker. Find a supply crate with random items at the marker's location. The items can include clothing, medicine, ammo, and weapons.
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