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HumanitZ Beginner’s Guide: Starter Tips, Professions, Settings, Spawn Points, & more

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Play as a zombie apocalypse survivor in HumanitZ. Here, you’ll explore a massive, unforgiving world filled with the undead called “zeeks.” But being a new survivor in this brutal land can be intimidating, and panicking can only lead to an early death (or un-death). So, let this HumanitZ beginner’s guide help you prepare to survive and thrive in the world of the undead.

HumanitZ Beginner’s Guide: Things You Need to Know

Humanitz Beginner's Guide First, it’s important to mention that this HumanitZ Beginner’s Guide won't tackle some features and mechanics that are relatively common in similar titles within the survival genre. For instance, crafting in HumanitZ works relatively the same as in other games with this mechanic. In particular, you must gather the required materials and combine them at the right station to create specific items. With that, here are the features and mechanics you should know when starting a new game in HumanitZ:

All Professions in HumanitZ

Humanitz Professions HumanitZ allows players to customize their characters upon starting a new game—however, most options point to cosmetics. Additionally, your starter clothing doesn't offer defense but can help keep your character warm during cold weather. Instead, focus your attention on the Profession field. HumanitZ has 11 professions and each one has its unique advantages. These professions, along with their in-game descriptions, are the following:
  • Unemployed: Having no real skills or the motivation to hold down a job, you start your fight for survival with no useful skills or perks to aide you along the way.
  • Mechanic: You have a knack with the tools of the trade to keep vehicles running in top shape. This skill makes you 50% more effective with Repair Kits.
  • Junior Biodiesel Researcher: You were on the cutting edge of the bio chemical research field, with a particular emphasis on bio fuels. This skill allows you to get 50% more fuel when using Fuel Cans.
  • Emergency Medical Technician: Saving lives is what you did and it is what you know. This skill is still incredibly useful in the current world, making you 25% more effective with all Medical Items.
  • Apprentice Gunsmith: You can remember tinkering with firearms from a very young age, so much so that you were able to turn it into a profession. You know the workings of most firearms in and out, which makes you 50% more effective with Gun Repair Kits.
  • Amateur Boxer: You were so close to finally breaking through, having dominated the regional boxing circuit. Your skills are still useful in a pinch if there are no weapons to be found, your hands deal 300% more damage in Unarmed Combat.
  • Farmer: Toiling in the fields from dawn to dusk, all year round. You know the best ways to get the most out of crops, which seems even more important now. You get an increased amount of Seeds from eating raw vegetables
  • Food Service Worker: What can you say? You were just starting out in life when the world fell apart. One thing you did learn was how to get the most out of the food on hand, this skill comes in handy making you 15% more effective with all Food Items.
  • Sunday Fisherman: Early to bed, early to rise, fish are what you know. You are even more adept at catching them, knowing all the little tricks. This skill significantly increases your chances of catching fish.
  • Car Salesman: Improved trader negotiations.
  • Outdoors Man: More meat from hunted animals.

HumanitZ Game Settings

Humanitz Game Settings Solo-mode players and online HumanitZ multiplayer server administrators can change various in-game settings to modify their games. These options are the following:
  • Perma death: Deletes the save game upon death.
  • On death drop: Changes the items dropped upon death.
  • Clear infection on death: Toggle to remove the infection upon respawning after dying.
  • PVP: Toggles PVP mode in the world.
  • Air drop: Toggles air drops in the world.
  • Weapon break: Toggles weapon durability gauge dropping.
  • Sleep passes time in multiplayer: Toggles if sleeping in a multiplayer server passes the time.
  • Respawn loot: Toggles if loot respawns or stays lost.
  • Loot respawn time: Changes loot respawn time.
  • Pickup respawn time: Changes pickup item respawn time.Loot rarity: Changes the rarity of loot.
  • Air drop every: Changes the time air drops appear.
  • Zombie difficulty: Changes the speed, health, and damage output of zeeks.
  • Hostile human difficulty: Changes the speed, health, and damage output of hostile humans.
  • Zombie amount multiplier: Changes the amount of zeeks spawning on the map.
  • Human amount multiplier: Changes the amount of hostile humans spawning on the map.
  • Zombie dog multiplier: Changes the frequency of zeek dogs spawning on the map.
  • Zombie respawn timer: Changes the duration in which zeeks respawn on the map.
  • Human respawn timer: Changes the duration in which hostile humans respawn on the map.
  • Animal respawn timer: Changes the duration in which animals respawn on the map.
  • Starting season: Changes the starting season upon spawning (may require reloading to apply).
  • Days per season: Changes the number of days to pass before the season changes.
  • Day duration: Changes the number of real-time minutes of an in-game day and night to pass.
  • Vital drain: Changes the speed in which a character’s vitals drain.
  • Companion health: Changes the amount of health of companion.
  • Companion damage: Changes the companion’s damage output.
  • Dog companion count: Changes the amount of dogs a player can keep as a companion.

Spawn Points in HumanitZ

Humanitz Spawn Point You must select a spawn point before you can start blowing up zeek brains. HumanitZ lets you choose from one of four available starting points on the map, which are the following:
  • Starter Spawn: Includes a guaranteed drivable car, starter equipment, and much loot.
  • Inland Spawn: Ideal for those looking for a challenge from the beginning, as this spawn point has many zeeks nearby.
  • Coast Road: Includes various points of interest.
  • West Road Spawn: Lots of loot and zeeks infest the area.

The Head-Up Display (HUD)

Humanitz HUD Like most games, the HUD in HumanitZ visually relays various information to the player in an easy-to-follow format. Here's a quick rundown of the elements you'll frequently see on your screen:
  • 1. Compass: Only shows when the player has a compass equipped. It shows the direction the player is facing.
  • 2. Clock: Only shows when the player has the Pocket Watch equipped. Shows the current in-game time.
  • 3. Stats: The character’s vitals, which are the following (from left to right): Health: The character dies when this stat reaches 0. Hunger: Loses health gradually if at 0. Thirst: Loses health gradually if at 0. Stamina: Depletes when doing actions, such as running, hopping over obstacles, and using tools and melee weapons.
  • 4. Status: Shows any debuff the character is experiencing currently.
  • 5. Temperature: The character’s current body temperature.
  • 6. Held Item: The character’s weapon, tool, or item they’re currently holding.
  • 7. Hotbar: Shows the tools or weapons equipped. In HumanitZ, each slot can accommodate a specific item type, which is the following (from left to right): 1. Large tool or weapon 2. Large tool or weapon 3. Sidearm 4. Small tool or melee weapon 5. Quick slot item
  • 8. Equipped item status: For example, the number of bullets available for an equipped firearm.
  • 9. Equipped item durability: Shows the durability of the currently held tool or weapon.


Humanitz Skills Unlocking skills in HumanitZ requires players to earn Skill Points by gaining XP and leveling up. Each level grants the player 1 Skill Point, which you can spend on different Survival, Combat, and World skills. As a beginner in HumanitZ, some skills can be more appealing than others. For instance, the Powerlifter skill allows you to increase your character’s maximum weight limit. However, this skill requires 4 Skill Points. So, you must hold off on spending Skill Points for four levels to get this skill.

Resource Gathering

Humanitz Resource Gathering It’s tough to survive in the harsh undead environment of HumanitZ without gathering resources. Thankfully, this game doesn’t lack in this department. However, it’s still a matter of looking at the right places to get specific resources. So, here's a quick overview of some of the basic resources you can get in HumanitZ and where to find them:
  • Car Battery: Destroy broken-down cars. It’s also possible to find Scrap Metal with this action.
  • Cement: Store boxes typically found in garages.
  • Electronics: Check inside abandoned vehicles.
  • Fan Belt: Inspect the hood of cars. It’s also possible to find Fuel Pumps from these locations.
  • Iron: Mine it from dark-gray stones using a Pickaxe.
  • Nails: Craft it from Scrap Metal or find it in the trunk of a car.
  • Wood: Chop down trees with an Axe to get Logs. Then, place the Logs on a Table Saw to craft Wood.


Humanitz Combat In HumanitZ, players must be in a combat-ready stance before using their equipped weapons (or fists). By default, use the ALT key to toggle the stance. However, you can press the attack button (Left click by default) or zoom in with a weapon key (Right click by default), and the character will also enter the combat-ready stance.

Hunting and Fishing

Humanitz Hunting Aside from zeeks and hostile humans, HumanitZ survivors can hunt or catch animals for food. You can use different weapons, including fists, to kill most land animals. On the other hand, use a rod and bait at a fishing spot to catch fish. Speaking of fishing, the game’s tutorial for this mechanic isn’t quite clear. So, here’s a quick rundown of the steps to fish in HumanitZ:
  • Cast the fishing line with the bait at the fishing spot.
  • Press the “Reel In” button when the line tenses up.
  • Reel the line when the fish relaxes and stop reeling when the line tenses up.
  • If successful, the fish will be added to the inventory.

Tips and Tricks for HumanitZ Beginners

Humanitz Beginner Tips and Tricks Apart from understanding the game’s basic features and systems in this HumanitZ Beginner's Guide, here are some tips and tricks to help you survive Day 1 and beyond:
  • Outrun the zeeks. Most of the undead in the game are slow-moving. But don't get cocky, and learn when to run when outnumbered.
  • Use the bow. Firing an arrow from this long-range weapon is silent and won’t typically alert nearby zeeks.
  • Put markers on the map. That way, you’ll know the exact location of a particular resource when the item respawns.
  • Familiarize the controls. The last thing you’d probably want is to fumble the controls while zeeks are hot on your trail.
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