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HumanitZ Radio Receiver Guide: Location and How to Use

Posted on by justin
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Accessing one of the key features in HumanitZ requires the Radio Receiver. But some players, especially beginners, might have trouble finding this item since it doesn’t spawn frequently. If you share this dilemma with other players, keep reading this HumanitZ Radio Receiver Guide to know the item’s location and its use.

Where to Get the Radio Receiver in HumanitZ

HumanitZ Radio Receiver The Radio Receiver in HumanitZ can spawn in random locations across the map. It can be inside commercial establishments, albeit its spawn rate is relatively low compared to other items. However, there’s one place that spawns one or two Radio Receivers: the music store in the city to the east of the Radio Tower. Once here, look for a shop called “Skoobz Soundz.” Enter the establishment, and the Radio Receiver should be on one of its shelves. HumanitZ Radio Receiver Location Note: Be wary of a zombie bear spawning in the forest if you take an off-road route when traveling to the city. But prepare yourself, for this city is crawling with zeeks. Apart from the regular zombies, you’ll also deal with special zeeks. Some unique undead you’ll encounter within the city are zeeks that deal contact damage even when killed and those wearing hazmat suits. The latter, in particular, may explode upon defeat, so ensure you’re far away from it when it drops to the ground.

What is the Radio Receiver For?

HumanitZ Radio Tower Currently, the Radio Receiver in HumanitZ only has one purpose – repairing the Radio Tower. Use this item with 1x Car Battery, 1x Electronics, and 1x Electrical Cable to repair the structure. HumanitZ Radio Tower Repair Fixing the Radio Tower activates airdrops, which occur regularly. Note that players in Single-Player Mode and server administrators to online HumanitZ multiplayer servers can set the airdrop frequency between a 1- to 9-day interval. Players will know if an airdrop is coming when helicopter sounds appear. Then, check the map for a red marker. Travel to that marker to acquire a supply box containing random items.
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