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How to Beat the Warden

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update has introduced the hardest mob yet. It lurks in the darkness, they say it can hear your steps, and without good armor, one hit and you’re dead. Today we explore how to beat The Warden with the few reliable options players have.

A Word of Warning

Before proceeding, it is best to disclose that Mojang does not intend for players to beat the Warden. This mob drops no loot, is extremely strong, and beating it through normal means is not recommended at all. Seeing The Warden means its time to run and hide, but for those brave enough, we offer this guide.

Fighting the Warden

How to Beat the Warden - Warden Battle Screenshot

Wardens are an extraordinarily strong mob spawned by disturbing the deep dark’s plant-like skulk shriekers three times. The Warden will then hunt players relentlessly until nothing is detected for 60 seconds, at which point it despawns by digging into the ground. This frightening mob has 250 hearts beaten only by Bedrock Edition’s hard mode Wither with 300 hearts, but don’t let past victories against the Wither give false hope.

To make up for those fifty missing hearts, the Warden does 45 points of damage (22.5 hearts) for each and every hit on hard difficulty. Even easy is not much easier when it comes to the Warden. With the same health pool, it does 16 points of damage (8 hearts) for every hit. Remember, Steve and Alex only have ten hearts! The Warden will still one-shot players wearing full Netherite armor on hard difficulty.

What does all this mean? Fighting the Warden head-on through legitimate and fair methods is unlikely to work out. But, for the brave few who still wish to try, full protection IV enchanted netherite armor, strength potions, healing potions, and smite enchanted axes are the best tools for surviving the fight. Just make sure to land those critical hits before the Warden wins! Not even shields can block this monster’s wrath.

How to Beat the Warden

The safest and most consistent way to beat the Warden is through traps created ahead of time. That may not seem very exciting, but as the Warden was not designed to be beaten, easy options are rather limited. This leaves a suffocation trap popularized by /u/A_Tsuruya on Reddit as our recommended method.

Players must mine a three-block high and one block wide hallway in the Deep Dark biome where the Warden can be spawned. Then, with redstone and sticky pistons, a simple trap is made.

First, the roof of the hall is dug two blocks higher and replaced with a layer of sticky pistons alongside a block of choice beneath. In the video, sponge was chosen, for example. From there, redstone needs to connect the pistons to a pressure plate, button, or lever in the hall.

Once complete, players need only lure the Warden inside with sounds before triggering the trap. It will then gradually die from suffocation over the course of four to five minutes.

The Warden Defeated

The Warden is a terrifying monster, but those who master redstone will always be scarier! While we prefer to create guides for honorable combat, the Warden was simply too hard for the average player to combat. This is by Mojang’s design, of course, but we know many would still try and die. Hopefully, this guide has helped in avoiding that!

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