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Factorio Space Exploration Mod Guide: New Planets, Resources, How to Install, & More

Posted on by justin
In the Space Exploration mod for Factorio, space isn’t the final frontier. But instead, it’s the beginning of it. Not only will you be able to continue playing the game after blasting off into space from the main storyline, but you’ll also still find more awesome things to discover, thanks to this extensive modpack. So continue reading to learn the many things this fantastic Factorio mod offers.

What is the Factorio Space Exploration Mod?

Factorio Space Exploration Mod The Factorio Space Exploration mod is a massive overhaul for many of the base game’s features and systems. Remember, the goal of vanilla Factorio is to build a rocket and blast into space. However, this modpack expands upon the game’s main storyline and creates over 100+ hours of extra playtime by letting players explore new planets and galactic systems. The mod’s developer, Earendel, says Space Exploration won’t work with many other Factorio mods. So, players may need to uninstall certain modpacks to make Space Exploration work properly. Nonetheless, the various additions brought by Space Exploration make up for this shortcoming. With it, players can explore new worlds, collect new resources, and build new structures, to name a few of the new experiences from this mod.
New Worlds to Explore
In vanilla Factorio, you can only explore one planet – Nauvis. Install the Space Exploration mod, and the number of space systems to explore, including planets, moons, and asteroid fields, increases by over 600! Each location has unique challenges, resources, and appearances, delivering unique encounters for Factorio players.
Satellite POV
Unlock and use the Navigation Satellite Uplink, and use it to enter Satellite Mode. With it, you can view the planet you’re currently visiting from a satellite’s point of view. From here, you can make data changes, use blueprints, apply copy and paste, and more!
Additional Resources & Structures
As mentioned earlier, new resources are available with the Space Exploration mod. For instance, you can convert methane into hydrocarbons, creating a second route for oil products. Other additional resources added to the game are the following:
  • Cryonite: Used in cooling, supercomputing, and refining specific materials
  • Vulcanite: Used as an additive or fuel
  • Beryllium: Used for spaceships, astronomic science, and lightweight construction and logistics
  • Holmium: Used for shields, energy science, and energy systems
  • Iridium: Used in heavy industry, military science, and other military purposes
  • Vitamelange: Used in bio-science
  • Naquium: Used for deep space science and certain endgame structures
Also, you can claim a planet to access the Core Miner. This fixture gives you access to unlimited resources from that specific region. However, you can only use one at full efficiency on any planet. You can still use additional Core Miners on a planet. But it’ll result in diminishing returns. Remember to explore different asteroids, planets, and other intergalactic systems to gather different materials using the Core Miner. Other space structures you can build with the Space Exploration mod are the following:
  • Decontamination Facility
  • Mechanical Facility
  • Space Manufactory
  • Telescope
  • X-ray Telescope
  • Radio Telescope
  • Astrometrics Facility
  • Electromagnetics Facility
  • Laser Facility
  • Particle Collider
  • Genetics Facility
  • Biochemical Facility
  • Zero-G Growth Facility
  • And more!
Moreover, you can build Space Stations to harness the power of these structures. Take advantage of the new space platform to build massive and intricate deep space infrastructures to help ensure your survival.
New Sciences
New science packs also enter Factorio, thanks to the Space Exploration mod. This time, you can build a space research station with science packs like Deep Space, Astronomic, and Biological. Note that each specialized pack requires specific equipment and resources.
The Spacesuit and Life Support System
The new spacesuit has a thruster and magnetic boots, allowing you to move in zero gravity while ensuring you don’t float away. Your character builds momentum while not standing on a platform. But pay attention to the life support system since it needs life support canisters to function well.
Space Cargo Transportation
Do you have resources stuck in a planet or asteroid? Build and use Cargo Rockets to transport those items from those locations to your space station. You can also automate the launches to help manage your interplanetary logistic system.
Delivery Cannons
Another way to transport goods from different space systems is the Delivery Cannon. However, it can only transport basic resources, but it can do so to most places within the solar system. Note that a special landing pad is needed to catch the items, or the force of the landing will spill (or destroy) the contents.
Space Travel
Time to build your unique spaceship in Factorio with the Space Exploration Mod. Establish your mobile space station as you place block by block. Use control systems, docking, automation, and other systems to fly from one space location to another.
Other Features
Aside from the features already mentioned, below are other things you can expect with the Factorio Space Exploration mod:
  • Fire energy beams to deliver power to a spaceship or low-solar planet
  • Prepare for Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), which are catastrophic events that can destroy structures
  • Use the new Universe Explorer to sort, filter, search, and prioritize zones
  • New beacon mechanics create additional module slots to allow more interesting designs
  • Use the Shield Projector to help fortify your structures’ defenses
  • Fire plenty of new character weapons, including the Tesla Gun, Bio Gun, and Plague Rocket
  • Respawn on Nauvis or a random location (e.g., a launch pad or spaceship) when you die instead of a game over
  • And more!

Space Exploration Mod vs. Space Age Expansion

Both the Space Age Expansion and Space Exploration mod for Factorio allow players to continue playing after boarding their rockets and leaving Nauvis. Additionally, both the expansion and the mod have similar features, such as new sciences, resources, and technologies. However, key differences exist between these two Factorio additions. For instance, unlike the Space Age Expansion, the Space Exploration mod doesn’t have a revamped skill tree. On the other hand, the expansion lacks features like the Satellite Mode and Cargo Rockets.

How To Install The Space Exploration Mod for Factorio

Installing the Space Exploration mod for Factorio is a reasonably straightforward procedure. The steps to complete this task are as follows:
  • Turn off Factorio if it’s running
  • Download the Space Exploration mod here
  • Open Windows Explorer (WIN + E) and navigate to the game’s installation directory
  • Navigate to the “Mods” folder and extract the mod’s files here
  • Run Factorio and navigate to the “Mods” page, and the Space Exploration modpack should be there
Check out the game's official Wiki and its Discord channel here and here for additional information about this Factorio mod.
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