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Factorio Space Age Expansion: Release Date Window, Roadmap, & All Content So Far

Posted on by justin
To “finish” Factorio, the main goal is to build a rocket and leave the alien planet and its horrors. Players who successfully leave the planet will soon be able to choose to continue building their architectural and engineering masterpieces while outside the planet, thanks to the upcoming Space Age update. With that, here's everything we know so far about the Factorio Space Age expansion from its roadmap and estimated release date to its exciting new content.

Everything We Know About the Factorio: Space Age Expansion

Factorio Friday Facts #373 delved into the upcoming Space Age update, which tells the story of players continuing their adventures after launching rockets into space. This massive expansion magnifies the game to new heights, as you’ll meet new challenges, gather distinct resources, and create advanced technologies. With fair warning, it may not be for the faint of heart, and could be more fitting for Factorio experts. In this update, you’ll send multiple rockets into space instead of one to transport building materials for your establishments and systems while in orbit. Here’s a quick overview of the update’s main structure, according to the developers:
  • Space platforms generate space science but also let players travel to different planets and automate interplanetary logistics
  • The update includes four predefined planets, representing player progression, each with its unique theme, resource library, and challenges
  • Each planet lets players produce distinct science packs and technologies
Additionally, players have free reign to choose the order of planets to inhabit. However, the selection order will impact strategies. Other features and changes to look out for in the Factorio Space Age Expansion are the following:
  • Rebalanced tech tree: Certain items disappear from the Nauvis, the vanilla planet, and move to another planet
  • Faster progression: The items needed to build the rocket will be available sooner than later, allowing players to explore space quicker
  • Various enhancements: Improved train controls, better blueprint building, enhanced flying robot behavior, and more


Factorio Space Age At the time of writing, there’s no definitive release date for the Factorio Space Age update. However, the developers estimated they’ll release this expansion sometime in 2024. The devs already released a 7-step development plan, highlighting the update’s roadmap from its planning to launch. Thankfully, the developers won’t leave Factorio fans hanging, as they also mentioned they’re committing to publishing a Friday Facts each week that highlights specific details about the upcoming Space Age update!
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