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Enshrouded Shroud Sack Farming Guide: Location & Uses

Posted on by justin
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Dealing with the dangers of Embervale requires Flameborns to craft and utilize many different items. One notable crafting ingredient is the Shroud Sack, which a player can get during mid- to late-game. Here, you’ll learn how to farm the Shroud Sack in Enshrouded, so keep reading!

Where to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded

Currently, it's impossible to craft the Shroud Sack in Enshrouded and new players may want to wait until they level their Flame Altars to 3 or 4 before taking on this farming operation. The only way to get and farm it is by defeating two enemies living deep in the Shroud. The two foes you should be hunting are large blue hostile flowers and massive four-legged red mushrooms. Enshrouded Blue Flower Find the blue flower enemies in the Shroud near the Revelwood and Nomad Highlands. Alternatively, fast travel to the Springlands Ancient Spire and travel northeast to the Lone Thistle. Here, the blue flower enemies spawn regularly. Enshrouded Lone Thistle On the other hand, travel to the Shrouded regions around the Kindlewastes or the Umber Hollow for the red mushrooms. The red mushroom enemies can also spawn in the Shroud in the Revelwood, making it an excellent spot for farming Shroud Sacks. Enshrouded Umber Hollow Prepare yourself because either creature is tough to deal with. In particular, the red mushroom enemies can deal significant poison damage when you’re near. Instead, shoot its large glowing bits with a ranged attack, such as a bow and arrow or a spell shard, to increase your damage output. Enshrouded Red Mushrooms If the mushroom gets too close, dodge its poison-spewing attack and reposition. Then, rain arrows or cast spells on it while it’s stuck in its attack animation. Tip: Join an Enshrouded multiplayer server and seek help from other high-level players if you find farming Shroud Sacks to be more challenging than expected.

Shroud Sack Uses

Enshrouded Shroud Sack Thankfully, you may not need a significant amount of Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded to craft items. At the time of writing, you only need this resource to craft two items: the Advanced Glider and Stun Arrow. Craft the Advanced Glider from the Carpenter using 8x Shroud Sack, 6x Shroud Wood, 4x Linen, and 4x String. Note that this NPC must be in a shelter to unlock this crafting recipe. On the other hand, craft the Stun Arrow from the Hunter NPC using 10x Twigs, 1x Goo, and 1x Shroud Sack.
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