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Enshrouded Dedicated Server Hosting Now Live With BisectHosting

Posted on by brandon
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BisectHosting is happy to announce a new game joining our lineup for server hosting, Enshrouded! This early access gem stands out as one of the most promising releases of 2024, and while we expect the game to grow plenty over its development - with closed beta finally behind us, it's time to dive in!

What is Enshrouded?

Enshrouded Release Date Enshrouded is a survival RPG wherein up to 16 players contend with the many dangers of a magical world covered in The Shroud, a dense fog that hides its secrets. The game offers a wide array of PVE systems like intricate base building, crafting, and survival, all balanced across an expansive open world. Players, known as Flameborn, are tasked with navigating this fog, defeating dangerous bosses, and gathering all the materials they'll need to craft armor, weapons, and even constructing their very own great hall! You can check out this Enshrouded gameplay video to get a look at the game's progress so far.

Enshrouded Server Hosting Now Available From BisectHosting

So, are you ready to try out Enshrouded on your very own server? Here at BisectHosting, you can now enjoy Enshrouded server hosting services with tons of great features, including the following, to help you along your journies:
  • 24/7 Live Chat Customer Service
  • 20+ International Locations
  • SSDs with NVMe storage
  • Custom Client
  • Automatic Game Updates
  • 7-Days of Free Server Backups
  • Free DDOS Protection
Whether you're new to server hosting or an expert, our goal is to ensure that hosting your own server is accessible and effective. With a support team around to help 24/7/365, you can spend more time in-game and less time sweating the small stuff. To take on Enshrouded on your own terms and play the game your way with your own community - check out our Enshrouded dedicated server options today!
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