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Enshrouded Beginner’s Guide: Crafting, Classes, & First Steps

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 9 minutes)
Embrace the unknown and listen to the land in Enshrouded. However, things can go from bad to worse as a new player in this game, mainly when dealing with the Shroud. We’ll help you conquer the game’s various challenges as you kick-start your new adventure in this Enshrouded Beginner’s Guide.

Enshrouded Beginner's Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Enshrouded Beginner's Guide In this Enshrouded Beginner’s Guide, we’ll tackle various aspects of the game, mainly its core mechanics. That way, you’ll always know what to expect and avoid an early death.

Character Classes

Like many survival games, the first step to starting a new Enshrouded game is creating a character. Once you're satisfied with your character's appearance, it's time to choose a class. Classes in Enshrouded are like character builds, and players can access the different skills for each class in the “Skills” menu. Choosing a class requires you to allocate skill points to specific abilities. Below, you can look at the different attributes to level up that can lead to a preferred class:
  • Intelligence: Trickster, Wizard, Healer, or Battlemage
  • Strength: Athlete, Barbarian, Warrior, or Tank
  • Dexterity: Survivor, Beastmaster, Ranger, or Assassin
If you’re unhappy with your chosen class or character build, interact with a Flame Altar and choose the “Reset Skill Points” option. Keep in mind that refunding your skill points is quite costly.

The Shroud

The Shroud is more than a seemingly pretty-looking fog. This "mist" will be the driving force for your exploration, and it also sets the game's mood. In particular, the Shroud is a thick, toxic fog corrupting Embervale, the game's central location and map. Dive deep into this fog, and you’ll meet various challenges, including dangerous creatures known as Fell beasts. As you progress through the map, you'll typically find two types of the Shroud. These Shrouds are distinguishable by their color: blue and red. Most players, especially beginners, can enter the Blue Shroud normally. However, your time in this blue fog depends on your Flame Altar's strength. As for the Red Shroud, also called the Deadly Shroud, it’s almost impossible to enter these deadly domains without dying within a few seconds of entry. Strengthen your Flame Altar significantly before attempting to enter this area.

Flame Altar

As mentioned earlier, the Flame Altar is an essential feature in Enshrouded. This building has various roles, including a fast travel point and your base’s central landmark. Additionally, this structure allows all players to access specific functions, such as resetting skill points. However, it also lets you upgrade your character’s strengths, including the Shroud Passage Level and the maximum duration in the Shroud. Upgrading the Flame Altar requires players to offer various items as sacrificial offerings. For instance, here are the items necessary to upgrade this station to Level 2:
  • 1x Fell Thunderbrute Head
  • 1x Spark
  • 5x Animal Fur
  • 5x Bones
  • 5x Red Mushroom
  • 5x Resin
  • 5x Shroud Liquid
At the time of writing, the Flame Altar can be upgraded up to Level 6. Players must travel to the Kindlewastes to acquire the items needed to upgrade the station to its maximum level. Although most of these items are relatively easy to get, killing a Fell Sicklescythe for its head can be challenging.

Exploration and Movement

Enshrouded’s world typically requires players to traverse the horizontal and the vertical. So, two items must be in your inventory to travel Embervale’s cliffs and gaps: the Glider and Grappling Hook. Thankfully, you can unlock the crafting recipes to these tools and create them while being reasonably early into the game. For the Glider, the materials needed to craft this item are the following:
  • 8x Shroud Wood
  • 2x Animal Fur
  • 2x String
  • 2x Shroud Spores
You’ll typically find the Shroud Wood, Animal Fur, and String while exploring the game’s early regions. As for the Shroud Spores, get them in a Cinder Vaults cave. Defeat the enemies here and loot them for these resources. As for the Grappling Hook, gather the following items to craft this tool:
  • 4x Metal Scraps
  • 7x Strong
  • 10x Shroud Spores
Find the Blacksmith and a group of Scavengers by the entrance of the Ancient Vault. The Scavengers have Metal Scraps, items needed to build this tool. Note: Craft the Glider and Grappling Hook at the Workbench.


A significant part of Enshrouded that all players, including beginners, must learn is the combat. This survival title focuses on dynamic fighting, making you rely on quick dodges, well-timed blocks, and dedicated attacks. Additionally, the location of the hit matters; for instance, hitting enemies from behind damages them more than making frontal attacks. Also, parry attacks to stagger enemies and score free hits.


Enshrouded’s building system focuses on letting its players create functional and adaptable structures. This mechanic typically demands careful thinking to enable smart usage of the limited resources available in Embervale. Thankfully, the building mechanics in Enshrouded are flexible and modular. It uses voxels for this system, allowing each block to be interacted with and manipulated in various ways. With voxels, buildings are customizable and organic since it doesn't use grids or predetermined blueprints. Nonetheless, attaching building materials is fairly easy, thanks to its snap-to-align feature. That way, players can place blocks freely without the annoyance of misaligning surfaces. Additionally, staying in the vicinity of your Flame Altar (also known as your base) will grant you the Rested buff. While it’s active, this buff grants the player an increase in maximum stamina and stamina regeneration. This effect can also be invaluable to beginners, allowing them to explore and fight more than usual rather than returning to the base frequently.


What’s a survival game without crafting? Thankfully, Enshrouded has an easy crafting system to pick up and play. In particular, Enshrouded’s crafting system uses multi-layered progression. For example, unlock the Spiked Club recipe by awakening the Blacksmith NPC. Then, craft the weapon using 4x Nails and 4x Wood Logs. Over time, upgrade the club into an Enhanced Spiked Club using 5x Copper Bars, 5x Charcoal, and 4x Wood Logs. Note that the simple act of gathering resources can unlock certain crafting recipes. One example is the Mace-like Club crafting recipe, which you can unlock by crafting a Bronze Bar. Additionally, you can enhance equipment by talking to the Blacksmith and accessing the “Enhance Equipment” tab. Here, you can give the NPC certain items to embed stats and effects to gear. For instance, enhance the Frozen Core Wand to the fourth level to gain a Mana Leech skill, allowing you to siphon 5% damage as mana on hit. Eventually, you'll encounter difficult enemies or challenging biomes demanding better equipment. So, seek higher-level resources to craft stronger equipment. Over time, you might even find crafting recipes requiring rare resources. Craft these items and feel the power flowing through your character’s fingers. Are you ready to start a new game after reading this Enshrouded Beginner’s Guide? If so, start your adventure in Embervale with a dedicated server. Click the link below to start setting up an Enshrouded dedicated server today.
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