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Enshrouded Ammonia Glands Farming Guide: Locations, Uses, & more

Posted on by justin
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Embervale has many things a Flameborn can use to upgrade the Flame Altar or craft important items. Ammonia Glands are a notable example, which players can use to make spell charges and other resources. So, keep reading to know the best locations for Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded and how to farm these items efficiently.

Best Locations for Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Ammonia Gland Enemies Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded are mid- to end-game resources. So, new Enshrouded players must wait until they have better gear and a longer Shroud duration before attempting to farm these items. Flameborns must travel to different high-level areas to farm the material, particularly the Umber Hollow, Highlands, Kindlewastes. Once in these places, find and defeat large mushroom enemies with glowing red elements. These foes generally drop about 5 to 9 Ammonia Glands upon defeat. Enshrouded Ammonia Gland Location Note that these mushroom enemies only spawn in the Shroud. So, upgrading your Flame Altar to Level 4 is ideal before venturing into the mentioned areas. Otherwise, the Deadly Shroud will consume your Shroud Duration in a few seconds, causing a near-immediate death. Additionally, these mushroom enemies don’t typically spawn in random locations in those regions. For instance, if you’re farming the Ammonia Glands in the Umber Hollow, navigate the area’s northern sections to find these creatures. Make no mistake because these enemies are formidable. Getting too close to these giant mushrooms will make them spew poison clouds, eating your health bar quickly. Instead, shoot the glowing spots with a bow and arrow. Don't forget to move frequently to prevent these foes from getting too close. Tip: Request help from high-level friends in an Enshrouded multiplayer server to aid you in farming Ammonia Glands.

Ammonia Glands Uses, Spells, & Crafting Recipes

Enshrouded Ammonia Gland Primarily, Flameborns use Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded to upgrade their Flame Altars from Level 4 to 5. Here are the materials needed for the upgrade to put that thought into perspective:
  • 20x Mint Mushroom Mint
  • 20x Fossilized Bone
  • 20x Ammonia Gland
  • 20x Tin Ore
  • 20x Rooibos
  • 1x Fell Monstrosity Head
Additionally, players can use Ammonia Glands to craft spell charges and other resources, including the following:
  • Acid Bite: 2x Poison Stack, 2x Ammonia Gland, 5x Goo, and 20x Dirt
  • Eternal Ice Bolt: 30x Fossilized Bone Dust, 10x Water, and 20x Ammonia Gland
  • Eternal Acid Bite: 20x Glass, 10x Charcoal, 30x Sulfur, 20x Ammonia Gland, and 20x Poison Sack
  • Leather: 10x Dried Fur, 20x Salt, and 2x Ammonia Gland
  • Paper: 1x Wood Logs and 1x Ammonia Gland
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