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Core Keeper Wool Farming Guide

Posted on by justin
Are you looking into changing your Core Keeper character’s appearance with vanity items? This is one of the many reasons why farming Wool in Core Keeper should be part of your in-game to-do list. Here, you’ll learn how to farm wool in Core Keeper and the many items you can craft with it.

How to Farm Wool in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Wool Farming Wool in Core Keeper means building a ranch for your tamed Bambucks. Introduced in the Paws & Claws update, you can find this type of Cattle in the Meadow, a sub-biome in the Dirt Biome and Azeos’ Wilderness. Once you find a Wild Bambuck, lure it back to your base or camp by holding a piece of edible plant. Assuming that you have a ranch for the Bambuck, you must then feed it any farmable plant for the creature to produce Wool. Note: The Bambuck and other Cattle should no longer escape from fencing after Patch 0.6.1. The plants you can feed a Bambuck are the following:
  • Mushroom
  • Bomb Pepper
  • Heart Berry
  • Glow Tulip
  • Fiber
  • Carrock
  • Puffungi
  • Pewpaya
  • Pinegrapple
Note: Read our Core Keeper Ranching Guide for additional details on caring for the game’s Cattle. Once fed, a Bambuck will produce 1x Wool per 10 minutes. The Cattle automatically drops the item, so you only need to be near the dropped Wool to collect it.

Wool Crafting Recipes in Core Keeper

Players can craft various items after farming enough Wool in Core Keeper. Below are the items you can make with this resource, separated into different categories based on the crafting station to use:
  • Chef's Hat: 4x Wool
  • Chef's Jacket: 6x Wool
  • Chef's Pants: 5x Wool
  • Explorer's Hat: 4x Wool
  • Explorer's Jacket: 6x Wool
  • Explorer's Pants: 5x Wool
  • Floor Pillow: 4x Wool
  • Suit Jacket: 6x Wool
  • Suit Pants: 5x Wool
  • Top Hat: 4x Wool
  • Wedding Dress: 6x Wool
Octarine Workbench
  • Octarine Bag: 15x Fiber, 5x Wool, and 20x Octarine Bar
Scarlet Anvil
  • Scarlet Breastplate: 18x Scarlet Bar, 3x Iron Bar, and 5x Wool
  • Scarlet Helm: 13x Scarlet Bar, 2x Iron Bar, and 3x Wool
  • Scarlet Pants: 16x Scarlet Bar, 4x Iron Bar, and 4x Wool
Scarlet Workbench
  • Scarlet Shell Backpack: 10x Scarlet Bar, 3x Wool, and 3x Strolly Poly Plate
Tin Workbench
  • Loom: 10x Wood, 4x Fiber, and 4x Wool
Go-Kart Workbench
  • Speeder Go-kart: 280x Galaxite Bar, 150x Scarlet Bar, 150x Copper Bar, 50x Mechanical Part, and 15x Wool
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