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Core Keeper Ranching Guide: How to Get Cattle, All Types, and Locations

Posted on by justin
Core Keeper’s Version 06 brought many new features to the game, including letting players keep and care for Cattle. These tame in-game creatures can bring a steady supply of resources if they’re fed properly. So, continue reading to learn how to get and care for the different types of cattle in Core Keeper and become the ultimate rancher along your adventures.

How to Get Cattle in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Cattle First, you must find the Cattle in the biomes where they spawn. Next, hold a feeding item above your character’s head. The Cattle should follow you, and you can now lure them back to your camp or base. Ensure that the Cattle don’t get too close, or they’ll eat the food you’re holding. If the cattle consume the food you’re holding, prepare another one quickly to continue the luring process.

Caring for Cattle

Core Keeper Feed Cattle Caring for Cattle in Core Keeper is a reasonably straightforward affair. You must only feed it to keep it happy and well-fed. You can hold the food near cattle to feed the creature directly. Alternatively, you can craft a Feeding Tray (use 10x Wood and 5x Copper Bar at the Basic Workbench) and place it near your cattle enclosure. Tip: Read our Core Keeper Beginner’s Guide if you’re having trouble getting to a point in the game that lets you care for Cattle properly.

Different Types of Cattle

Core Keeper Different Cattle At the time of writing, Core Keeper introduced three types of Cattle during the Paws & Claws update. These cattle are the following:


Found in the Meadow sub-biome, the Moolin produces 1x Meadow Milk per 10 minutes of eating 2x of any farmable plant. Deciding to kill this cattle will make it drop Marbled Meat. However, note that Moolin doesn’t respawn after dying, so ensure you know what you’re doing before turning this cattle into meat.


Another cattle found in the Meadow sub-biome, the Bambuck produces 1x Wool per 10 minutes of eating 2x of any farmable plant. Like the Moolin, it drops Marbled Meat when killed. But it also doesn’t spawn when you butcher it.

Strolly Polly

Among the three available cattle in Core Keeper, the Strolly Polly is perhaps the most challenging to lure. It only spawns in the Forgotten Ruins and Desert of Beginnings biomes. If you can lure a Strolly Polly back to your camp or base and feed it 2x any critter (except glowbugs), this creature will produce 1x Strolly Poly Plate per 10 minutes of eating. Killing this type of cattle will also drop Marbled Meat. However, it may respawn after dying in the biomes mentioned earlier. Watch the Core Keeper Paws & Claws update trailer here to see all of the patch's content in action!
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