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Core Keeper Paws & Claws Update: Patch Notes & All Changes

Posted on by justin
Core Keeper has been teasing the Paws & Claws update for some time. Now, the patch is finally live, allowing players to bring along creature companions with them throughout their adventures. But this update is more than just those friendly creatures, as new dangers await as well! Here's everything you need to know about the Core Keeper Paws & Claws update and its official patch notes.

Core Keeper Paws & Claws Update: New Content And Features

The Paws & Claws update in Core Keeper didn’t skimp on adding new content, features, and improvements. Take a look at what to expect in this patch by checking out the details below.


Core Keeper players can now find pet eggs in the world. Once found, place it in an Egg Incubator, which should hatch into a Cracked Egg. The pets that can accompany you are:
  • Subterrier
  • Embertail
  • Owlux
  • Fanhare
  • Jr. Slime variants
Note: Check out our previous post explaining these pets in greater detail.


Aside from pets, players can also add cattle to their in-game farms. Find cattle around the subterranean world, and bring them to your base or camp. Once tamed, cattle can provide various resources, including Milk and Wool. But you must care for these animals by feeding them Heart Berries and Grow Tulips. Currently, three new Cattle creatures are in Core Keeper:
  • Bambuck: A goat-like creature that can produce Wool
  • Moolin: A cow-like creature that can produce Milk
  • Strolly Poly: A distinct creature that produces a Strolly Poly plate when fed insects
Tip: Find Cattle in the new Meadow sub-biome.

Creative Mode

Release your creative mind without worrying about farming and grinding for hours for materials in Core Keeper’s new Creative Mode. Note that you must create a new world to access this mode, as you can’t apply it to an existing world. With Creative Mode active, you can activate God Mode, activating features like one-hit-kills, fast item placements, and the ability to pass through objects.

Playable Instruments

Players can now also craft two new playable instruments in the game: the Piano and Drumkit. Merge Games also worked with the developers of Valheim and Stardew Valley to bring sheet music to Core Keeper.

Additional Content and Improvements

The Paws & Claws update also introduces these new pieces of content, along with various improvements to the game:
  • New paintbrush colors
  • New glass material
  • Increased number of rotatable objects
  • New Guest Mode
  • Certain weapons now have secondary functions
  • Cave-ins and other random events

Core Kepeer Paws & Claws Update Patch Notes

Core Keeper Paws & Claws update

New Features And Items

  • Pets
  • Cattle
  • Egg Incubator
  • Bucket
  • Paintable items made from glas
  • Glass Smelter
  • Wonky Minecart
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Drumkit
  • Piano
  • Valheim and Stardew Valley music sheets
  • Decorative objects (Wooden Pillar, Wash Basin, Floor Pillow, and various Potted Plants)

New Mechanics

  • Creative Mode
  • Casual Mode
  • Guest Mode
  • Various combat improvements
  • Random cave-ins
  • Explosive deposits in Dirt, Clay, and Stone biomes
  • Lanterns now have a dedicated equipment slot
  • Map now displays coordinates
  • Stalagmites and other water-based objects can now be picked up and placed as decorations

Balance Improvements

  • New Copper Workbench
  • The Railway Forge and Electronics Table have been moved to the Copper Workbench
  • The Automation Table has been moved to the Tin Workbench
  • Reduced material costs for various craftable objects
  • Certain items have been adjusted to require Wool or Strolly Poly Plates
  • Added Wood Hoe to the Basic Workbench
  • Increased tile size for all previous Hoes
  • The Wood Armor can be crafted directly in the Basic Workbench
  • Anvils now contain their previous tiers in their crafting UI
  • Increased amount of Copper Ore found in the Dirt biome
  • Added some Copper Ore in the Clay and Stone biomes
  • Increased the drop chance of all boss trophies
  • Increased mining damage bombs and both mining and explosive damage of Crude Bombs
  • Food Rations now give a heal-over-time effect.
  • Reduced health of enemies and bosses in hard mode worlds
  • Increased drop chance of the Oracle Card "Aura" from digging spots
  • Slightly increased the movement speed of the Explorer Backpack
  • Slightly reduced health of Clay and Stone Walls
  • Reduced the duration of poison effects
  • Guardian’s Potion now costs Slippery Slime instead of Poison Slime
  • Reduced the cost of Go-karts
  • Go-karts now require some of the new resources produced by the Cattle
  • Reduced glow stats on the Crystal Meteor Chunk and Core Iris have been reduced or replaced

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Added more objects that can now be rotated
  • The ability to toggle information window

Art and Animation Changes

  • An alternate version of the Radical Rabbit Ears has been added called Radical Rabbit Headband
  • Added a Ranger background for new characters
  • Updated colors of red, purple, white, and black paintable Chest sprites
  • Updated colors of red, purple, and black Bed sprites
  • Updated colors of black Paintable Floor & Wall sprites
  • Updated colors of some of the paintable Lamp sprites & lit sprites
  • Adjusted color of light emitted by purple and black Lamps
  • Adjusted color of light emitted by purple Christmas Light Decoration
  • Updated color of black Lit Floor sprite
  • The placement icon will fade out after five seconds if no input is done
  • Added new white and pink Cherry Tree sprites
  • Adjusted visuals of status effects on Caveling Brute and Core Sentry
  • Plant/Grass wobble animation now depends on the horizontal direction of the entity triggering it
  • Tall Grass wobble animation now has more weight to it
  • All bosses now have updated death animations
  • Adjusted visuals for the slime slow-down particle effect
  • Adjustments to the Puffungi ripe animation

Audio Changes

  • New damage and destroy sound effects for tiles and environmental objects
  • New biome music added to the Meadow sub-biome
  • Made adjustments to certain attack sounds for weapons

Graphics Improvements

  • Implemented a new highly optimized sprite rendering and animation system
  • Disabled the pixel upscaling filter when the game window is at or close to the internal rendering resolution
  • Added a startup argument for manually disabling the pixel upscaling filter (-nopixelfilter)

Other Updates

  • Walls of different types will no longer have a seamless transition between them but instead there will be a border between the walls
  • Cooldowns are now always shown for weapons
  • Slime Bosses will now fight any creature that threatens them
  • Walls no longer take a minimum of one damage but instead take zero damage if the player does not have enough mining damage
  • Improved targeting logic of nearby interactable objects
  • Added options to keybind equipment loadouts
  • Separated the repair and reinforce buttons from the salvage window
  • Changed German translation of Pants from “Beinzeug” to “Hosen”
  • Fixed a typo across all Galaxite items that said “otherwordly” instead of “otherworldly”
  • Enemies will now generally be better at fighting against bosses overall in the game
  • A chat message now appears when the player gains a Titan Soul
  • Using a Hoe or planting seeds will no longer kill critters if the Squash Bugs option is off
  • Serialized the crafting time for buildings, such as Furnaces
  • Wall and ground cracks now appear immediately
  • Increase the network priority of the Bomb Scarab
  • The delete option for worlds and characters has been moved beside the respective save slots
  • Added an explicit version check when connecting to other players and servers
  • A client that experiences an unexpected disconnect will now try to reconnect automatically
  • Added a “networkSendRate” parameter to ServerConfig file which allows setting a network packet send rate, which is lower than the server tick rate

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Tentacles spawning around the player in the Sunken Sea would spawn on tiles other than water
  • Fixed an issue where the screen shake would trigger for all players when Azeos was flying over any player
  • Instrument particles from the Piano UI no longer appear when the UI is disabled
  • Fixed an issue where a gap would appear between Bridges and ground when having Slime on top of the bridges, resulting in something that looked like black lines appearing on the Ground Slime
  • Fixed an issue where the player would hit the wall instead of the object hanging on the wall when standing close to the wall
  • Fixed a bug where the player would sometimes change its facing direction in the wrong direction when placing large objects
  • Added description and name for the Mold Cicada that was missing
  • Fixed a bug where creatures such as Cavelings would initially start sleeping at the exact same time after starting a game
  • Fixed a bug where the fishing requirements for the water in the Desert biome was not correct
  • Fixed a bug where the exclamation emote icon would show when the character said that fishing skill was too low
  • Fixed a bug where players could sleep even when Poison Slime Blobs were nearby
  • Fixed an issue where healing beams from Caveling Scholars and Azeos Crystals would not be visible at certain angles
  • Fixed a bug where the chat message would show the wrong amount of materials gained when salvaging reinforced items
  • Fixed Boss statues blocking a bit too much, which was causing pathing issues around them
  • An empty character is no longer created if exiting the game from the character creation menu after starting to create a character
  • Fixed a bug where water did not continue to spread to areas that had not yet been procedurally generated
  • Fixed not being able to connect to games with a fairly small amount of packet loss
  • Fixed bug where pressing aborting a join game attempt might make further attempts fail with an unknown error message
  • Fixed Ra-Akar Energy Projectiles getting stuck on players if the player successfully dodged the projectile hit
Additionally, Merge Games also released hotfixes to two issues in the Core Keeper Paws & Claws update. One issue fixed is a potential loss of inventory data upon exiting a world. The other problem is an undisclosed issue but sometimes occurred when a weapon with a secondary use is equipped while exiting a world. Core Keeper Server
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