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Core Keeper

Core Keeper Owlux Pet Guide: How to Get, Stats, & More

Posted on by justin
If you’re feeling lonely while wandering Core Keeper’s map, why not have a pet bird to follow you around? That bird is the Owlux in Core Keeper, and it can provide you with various buffs, which can be useful in fighting enemies like Ghorm.

What is the Owlux in Core Keeper?

Core Keeper Owlux The Owlux in Core Keeper is one of the pets introduced with the Paws & Claws update. This bird follows you around, albeit it has zero direct combat capabilities. Instead, it packs a plethora of positive effects through its talents, making it an invaluable ally for any Core Keeper player.

How to Get the Owlux

Core Keeper How to Get Owlux Search for a Lively Egg by opening Ancient and Wooden Crates scattered around Core Keeper’s map. Then, place the egg in an Egg Incubator connected to a power source. Next, wait 30 minutes for the egg to hatch. Finally, remove the egg from the Egg Incubator to claim the Owlux. Tip: Read our Core Keeper Beginner’s Guide to help you survive the game’s hazards while searching for an Owlux Egg.

Owlux Stats & Talents

Like other pets in Core Keeper, the Owlux can gain experience as you bring it with you in combat or by feeding it pet foods. Each pet, including the Owlux, has ten maximum levels at the time of writing. The experience requirements for each level are as follows:
  • Level 1: 0
  • Level 2: 200
  • Level 3: 599
  • Level 4: 1,394
  • Level 5: 2.977
  • Level 6: 6,132
  • Level 7: 12,421
  • Level 8: 24,955
  • Level 9: 49,934
  • Level 10: 99,718
Also, Owlux’s base stat and effect are as follows:
  • Movement Speed: 50
  • Effect: +7.6% movement speed and +6.5% damage
As for this pet’s talents, they’re the following:
  • Avian Run: +5% movement speed to owner
  • Crane Style: +10% critical hit damage to owner
  • Divebombing: +3% melee attack speed to owner
  • Flock Together: +3% range attack speed to owner
  • Plume Power: +3% melee damage to owner
  • Plume Projectile: +3% range damage to owner
  • Spirit of the Hawk: +3% critical hit chance to owner
  • Triple Trouble: +2% chance to deal 3x the damage to hit enemy
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