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Core Keeper Ghorm the Devourer Boss Guide: Location, Fight Tips, Loot & More

Posted on by justin
The first big challenge many Core Keeper players run into is Glurch the Abominous Mass. After all, as first bosses go, it can make you feel quite small. But even that boss' size pales in comparison to the mighty Ghorm the Devourer, the second boss of Core Keeper. Before you take this mighty beast on, we're here to help break down the Ghorm the Devourer boss fight in Core Keeper as well as its loot and where you can find this deadly boss.

Core Keeper: Ghorm the Devourer Boss Guide

Core Keeper Ghorm the Devourer Guide Ghorm the Devourer in Core Keeper nearly takes up the entire screen, and getting in its path is a recipe for an early death. Below, you’ll learn important information, such as the boss’ behavior, to help you stand up and defeat this Core Keeper boss.


Remember, you must find Ghorm before you can defeat it. Note that this boss lives in the Clay Caves biome. Travel to the east of the Dirt biome to reach the Clay Caves. You must also form a bridge from the Dirt biome to reach this new area. Once you’re in the Clay Caves, continue north, east, or south of the biome until you reach a wide, open area filled with slimy floors. Eventually, the ground will shake, and you’ll see Ghorm crawl on the slimy surface. Warning: Ghorm’s movement speed is relatively fast for its size. Standing in its way while it’s crawling or walking around the Clay Caves will remove a large chunk of your health. Alternatively, you can purchase a Ghorm Summoning Idol from the Backpack Merchant. This item costs 500 Ancient Coins, and you must place it on Ghorm’s Summoning Rune outside of the Dirt biome to trigger the boss fight.


Ghorm the Devourer won’t stop at anything while circling the Clay Caves. But players can chip away at the boss’ health until it is 50%. Then, the second phase of the fight begins, and Ghorm shifts its gaze on you. It’ll destroy anything on its path while it gives chase.

Fight Tips

Ghorm’s imposing size and damage capabilities might be scary at first, but this fight is far from impossible, and you can take it on in a couple of different ways. First, stay out of Ghorm’s path during the fight’s first phase. Hide behind a small crevice surrounding its crawling path and deal as much damage to the boss when it passes you. If you can’t get the timing right with your weapons to hit the boss, place traps, such as explosives and Spike Traps. It may take a while, but you’ll eventually reach the fight’s second phase. At this point, you can use melee and/or ranged weapons. Speed and agility will become your best friends for this fight if you choose the melee route. Items like the Swift Ring, Swift Feather, and Spicy Tulip Salad can boost your walking speed. Also, use the most powerful melee weapon you can use for this fight at this point in the game, like the Slime Sword. Alternatively, using range weapons can be safer than close-combat tactics against Ghorm. When trying this strategy you'll need enough firepower, so prepare at least three Slingshots or two Muskets first.

Loot Table

  • Ghorm Chest
  • Ghorm's Horn
  • Larva Meat
  • Ghorm's Stomach Bag
  • Mysterious Idol
  • Larva Ring
  • Larva Chest
  • Flintlock Musket
  • Ancient Gemstone
  • Mechanical Part
  • Fiber
  • Iron Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Shiny Larva Meat
  • Larva Ring
  • Larva Chest
  • Flintlock Musket
  • Ghorm Figurine
  • Amber Larva
  • Rare Candy
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