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Core Keeper Malugaz the Corrupted Boss Guide: Location, Fight Tips, Loot, & more

Posted on by justin
Introduced in version 0.3.9, Malugaz the Corrupted in Core Keeper isn’t for beginners or the faint of heart. Many players even hail this optional boss as the most formidable enemy in the game. But you can increase your chances of defeating this fiery fiend by reading this guide.

Core Keeper: Malugaz the Corrupted Boss Guide

Core Keeper Malugaz the Corrupted As mentioned earlier, players may wish to avoid finding and defeating Malugaz the Corrupted in Core Keeper as it's not needed to progress through the game. Plus, some players might not be too keen on getting the boss’ loot, especially with some of the enemy’s rare drops that can reduce maximum health. But winning this highly-difficult encounter might give you some bragging rights within the Core Keeper community.


Unlike other world bosses in Core Keeper that you can find normally, you must search for the Throne Room in the Forgotten Ruins to summon Malugaz the Corrupted. Once found, place a Skull of the Corrupted Shaman (crafted by combining 10x Crystal Skull Shards) on the throne. Malugaz will appear after a few moments, and the fight begins.


Like other Core Keeper bosses, the Malugaz fight is a two-phase match. But you must deplete his health to trigger the fight’s second stage. During the first phase, Malugaz will alternate between two attacks. First, he’ll throw two or three fireballs at your position. Then, he’ll teleport to a different location or summon flames that persist in a 3x3 area. After depleting his health, Malugaz rips off his cloak and ignites his head. The boss regains full health during this stage, and you must defeat him again. His attacks and movements also change for this phase. For the second phase, Malugaz will frequently teleport around the Throne Room. He’ll occasionally stop and try to punch you. Note that all of his melee attacks will leave 3x3 lingering flames in the area of the attack. Warning: Dying in the second phase will reset the boss fight. So, you must go through the first phase again.

Combat Strategy

Thankfully, you can prepare for the boss fight without encountering Malugaz immediately. That way, you can prepare the arena before the match begins. Start by destroying the pillars in the Throne Room for extra mobility when fighting the boss. Next, place torches around the arena to see Malugaz during the fight’s first few moments. Before placing the Skull of the Corrupted Shaman on the throne, equip a Swift Feather to dash around the boss and increase survivability. Also, buff yourself with buffing potions, and wear your best gear. If you’re not fond of facing Malugaz’s attacks head-on, avoid using melee weapons to fight him. Instead, use your most potent range weapons to prevent getting burned or punched. Note: Defeating Malugaz the Corrupted in Core Keeper for the first time unlocks the “You’re a Wizard” achievement.

Loot Table

  • Ancient Chest
  • Skull Ring
  • Skull Necklace
  • Blue Leather Tome
  • Ritual Dagger
  • Ancient Gemstone
  • Mechanical Part
  • Gold Bar
  • Fireball Staff
  • Hand Mortar
  • Battle Axe
  • Skull Ring
  • Skull Necklace
  • Blue Leather Tome
  • Ritual Dagger
  • Ritual Goblet
  • Oracle Card "Entity"
  • Caveling Skull
  • Small Caveling Skull
  • Blood Skull
  • Malugaz Figurine
  • Beast Booster
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