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Ranking the Top 5 Best Dinos in ARK

Posted on by justin
ARK: Survival Evolved has over 400 dinos, many of which are tamable creatures. Some dinosaurs are good for harvesting resources, some for better mobility, and others are great for combat. Across all the potential roles, however, what are the best dinos in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Top 5 Best Dinos in ARK: Survival Evolved

Best Dinos in ARK Below are the top dinos we picked based on overall usage in ARK. The following dinosaurs are ideal in different scenarios, making them the top-rated choices from the game’s massive dino roster.

5. Rock Drake

ARK Rock Drake Introduced as part of the ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack, many players find the Rock Drake to be their main creature to bring with them throughout ARK’s different maps. For starters, this dino is a great mount, allowing fairly easy access to many surfaces, terrains, and biomes, including the locations in Aberration (which is also the creature’s homeland). The Rock Drake is a flying dino that can’t raise its speed stat. However, it separates itself from other flying dinosaurs with its swimming ability. In particular, this mount moves faster underwater than it runs on land. Aside from being an all-terrain transport dinosaur, the Rock Drake has other roles:
  • Turns themselves and their riders invisible, ideal for escaping mobs or stealing eggs
  • Acts as a radar for a nearby Reaper King or Reaper Queen
  • Helps in taming other creatures

4. Rex

ARK Rex This list won’t be complete without this well-known dinosaur. Also called the Tyrannosaurus, Rex is arguably one of the fiercest and deadliest creatures on The Island. It’s a killing machine that will fight with almost anything that moves within its line of sight. But if a player successfully tames this creature, it’s a great partner in many combat scenarios. It has a massive health pool and can hit enemies like a giant truck with teeth. Thanks to its fierce nature, the Rex also has other roles to fill:
  • Intimidates nearby lower-level dinosaurs, preventing surprise attacks
  • Fights against raid bosses, like the Megapithecus and Broodmother Lysrix
Tip: Prepare a trap and lure a wild Rex to it. That way, you can tame it without endangering your character’s health.

3. Dimorphodon

ARK Dimorphodon The Dimorphodon is one of the more common creatures on The Island. But its low rarity means that even new players can tame this creature during the game’s early stages. Also called the Dimorph, this flying dino is too small for players to mount. However, its small stature also means it’s significantly difficult to hit, particularly when fighting other dinosaurs. Taming multiple Dimorphs and creating a swarm can become deadly for dealing with early to mid-game creatures. The Dimorphodon’s other roles are as follows:
  • Rests on the player’s shoulder when not in combat, making it an excellent pet
  • Distracts pesky cave dwellers
  • Low weight helps preserve storage capacity
  • Can become the “guard dogs” of bases

2. Ankylosaurus

ARK Ankylosaurus Not every dino in ARK: Survival Evolved will attack you on sight. One dinosaur that fits into that category is the Ankylosaurus. Also called Ankylo or Anky, this dino can be seen wandering peacefully in the northern parts of The Island. This herbivore won’t attack until provoked. Players must also be wary of its tail as it can deal massive damage if unprepared. But with a successful tame, this dino is an indispensable metal harvester. Its fairly high health pool also makes it an excellent tank, shielding hits that might otherwise head your way. Additionally, the Ankylosaurus has other roles that it can fill:
  • Despite its slow movement speed, its strength can help lift and transport various materials
  • Can gather most in-game materials, with the exception of items like Fiber
  • Its tail swing can help clear difficult landscapes

1. Snow Owl

Snow Owl The Snow Owl is one of the tougher dinos to tame in ARK. Some players might even reserve their resources and wits to tame this dino during the mid to late-game. But if successful, this flying creature can be an indispensable ally in keeping you, your party, and your other tamed creatures alive. It has a unique ability to heal itself and other creatures (including your character). The Snow Owl freezes itself to regenerate its health and those in its immediate surroundings. Plus, those affected by this creature’s heal will gain a heavy damage resistance boost. The only drawback is that creatures can’t move while the healing is in process. Aside from being a top-notch healer, the Snow Owl’s other roles are:
  • Great mountable transport
  • Serves as a carrier of items
  • Senses nearby targets with Predatory Sense
  • Kills stealthfully when discretion is important thanks to not making noise when flying/gliding
  • Produces fertilizer when it defecates
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