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How to Tame Animals in Valheim

Posted on by bisecthosting

In Valheim, food is a necessity to increase your health and stamina. Players can only forage so much, so more consistent food sources certainly help.

We've gone over how to farm in Valheim, but it's time to cover how to tame animals in the game to help bring that farm to life.

Tamable Animals

Animals are teeming throughout the different zones in Valheim, and while you'll usually hunt them, if you're creative, you can also tame them.

This has several tangible benefits, including home security, ready supplies of meat and leather, and a fantastic visual addition to your home.

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So which animals in Valheim are tamable?

In Valheim, players can tame Wolves, Boars, and Lox (large reptile).


Wolves are a dangerous threat in Valheim if you aren't prepared for them.

Valheim taming – how to tame animals in Valheim | PCGamesN

Wolves spawn in the arctic mountainous regions of the game, and can chase the player down for a quick kill.

This makes taming them incredibly difficult.

To pull it off, you'll need to lure wolves into a shelter with meat, then lock them in. From there, simply feed the wolves and keep their shelter standing and eventually you will tame them.

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Wolves are the only creature in the game that can become a companion, following players around to guard them. Wolves can also breed, so you can grow out your squad.


The most simple animal in Valheim to tame, and your best bet as a first try, is the boar.

Valheim taming – how to tame animals in Valheim | PCGamesN

Boars are found throughout Valheim's early zones, and can be a difficult challenge for new players.

The sheer number of boars you'll find in Valheim makes taming them very simple. To tame boar, you'll have to bait them into a pin with vegetables, then lock them in.

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From here, feed your boars daily (carrots being the best possible food), and they will eventually be tamed. You can also breed boars to extend your group.


For the truly wild Valheim players, taming the Lox can be a personal challenge.

Valheim guide -- How to tame lox beasts

Lox are a dangerous large lizard creature in the game, and break the rules for taming animals in Valheim.

To tame a Lox, you won't be able to enclose them in a structure first. Instead, you'll have to tame them first, then build the pen.

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Lox can't be bred, but they are a powerful animal you can release for security in a pinch.

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