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All Minecraft Mob Vote Winners & Nominees

Posted on by amber
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What began in 2017 as a selection of four mobs has spawned into a yearly tradition that fans adore, but with each winner, the number of losers grows more and more. So that their memories are not forgotten, today we explore all Minecraft mob vote winners and nominees, including the additional cat vote of 2018.

2017 Mob Vote

Mob Vote 2017 Screenshot

Mob A – The Barnacle

Seen in the top right of the image above, the barnacle would have been a hostile mob found in oceans that sucked players beneath the surface, similar to what magma blocks do today.

[Winner] Mob B – Phantom

Seen in-game as of version 1.13, Phantoms are flying hostile mobs that spawn in the overworld and attack players who have not slept in three days.

Mob C – The Great Hunger

Seen in the bottom left of the image above, The Great Hunger would have sunk into the ground and devoured mobs and items with its big mouth as they went by. Jeb also noted this mob would have acted as a way for players to add and remove enchantments from items.

Mob D – The Wildfire

Seen in the bottom right of the image above, The Wildfire would have spawned alongside groups of blazes and used its shields to defend itself from attacks. After losing the vote, The Wildfire was instead added to Minecraft Dungeons.

2018 Biome Chooser

Desert – Meercats

If the desert had won, the biome would have been updated to include oases, palm trees, and meerkats.

[Winner] Taiga – Foxes

Seen in-game as of version 1.14, berry bushes and foxes can now be found in taiga biomes. This option also included campfires which were added in 1.14 as well.

Savanna – Termites & Ostriches

If the savanna had won, the biome would have been updated to include baobab trees, termites, and ostriches.

2018 China Edition Mob Vote

Minecraft China Edition Panda Shortly before Minecraft Live 2018, Minecraft China Edition had a separate event in which they also voted for a mob.
  • [Winner] Panda
  • Crocodile
  • Golden Monkey
  • Deer
  • Pink Dolphin

2018 Cat Vote

The third vote of 2018 was held over Twitter and the winning cat would be added as a new cat mob appearance in-game. Jellie, owned by the YouTuber GoodTimesWIthScar, was the winner.

2019 Biome Vote

Biome Vote 2019 Promo Image

Badlands - Vultures

If the badlands had won, tumbleweeds, vultures, and a new type of flowery cactus would have been added to the game.

Swamp - Frogs

Seen in-game as of 1.19, frogs and mangrove trees can now be found in swamps. This option also included boats with chests which were added in 1.19 as well.

[Winner] Mountains – Goats

Seen in-game as of 1.17, powdered snow, goats, and various updates to mountains and snow can be found across multiple biomes.

2020 Mob Vote

Minecraft Mob Vote 2020 Mobs


Originally from Minecraft Earth, the Moobloom would have been a new cow mob variant like mooshrooms but with flowers on its body.


Originally from Minecraft Dungeons, the Iceologer would have been a pillager mob variant that spawned on mountains and hurled ice clouds at players.

[Winner] Glow Squid

Originally from Minecraft Earth, and found in-game as of version 1.17, the Glow Squid is a squid mob variant that glows and drops glow ink sacs when killed.

2021 Mob Vote

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 Mobs


Seen on the left of the image above, the Glare would have alerted players if an area was dark enough for mobs to spawn.

[Winner] Allay

Seen in-game as of version 1.19, Allay spawns trapped in cages and woodland manors. If saved and given an item, they follow the player picking up more of that same item along the way.

Copper Golem

Seen on the far right of the image above, the copper golem would have been a small robot capable of pushing copper buttons.

2022 Mob Vote

Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Mobs

[Winner] Sniffer

Seen in-game as of version 1.20, the Sniffer is found in eggs among underwater ruins. They will sniff flowers and dig up ancient seeds if brought to the surface and hatched.


Seen in the middle of the image above, the Rascal would have spawned underground and ran about at the sight of the player. Catching the Rascal three times would result in the player receiving a gift.

Tuff Golem

Seen on the right side of the image above, the Tuff Golem would have showcased items similar to an item frame and occasionally walked about.

All Minecraft Mob Vote Winners & Nominees

Plenty of mobs have come and gone, but as we have seen with the biome vote, it is possible losers will still be added! Perhaps we will even have a mob vote that includes only the runner-ups one day? Now that would be exciting! Is there a losing mob you hope gets added? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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