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7 Days to Die

How to Upgrade Wood Frames in 7 Days to Die

Posted on by justin
Upgrading wood frames in 7 Days to Die can help increase survivability by fortifying bases, as an enhanced wood frame has an improved health pool, allowing it to take additional damage. With that, here we'll cover how to upgrade wood frames and reinforce them with extra wood or switch them to stronger materials entirely.

How to Upgrade Wood Frames in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Wood Frames Assuming you know how to build a wood frame in 7 Days to Die, the next step is upgrading it. First, you must have a Stone Axe in your hotbar. Next, at least four units of wood should be in your inventory. Once you fulfill these requirements, follow these steps to upgrade the wood frame:
  • Equip the Stone Axe and point it at the wood frame you want to upgrade
  • Press and hold the right mouse button for PC users (L2 for PlayStation and LT for Xbox)
  • Wait for the progress bar to complete
Use a Claw Hammer or Nail Gun to upgrade the wood frame faster than the Stone Axe. The Stone Axe uses three hits to upgrade wood frames in 7 Days to Die, whereas the Claw Hammer only uses two. If you use a Nail Gun, the upgrade procedure only requires one hit from the tool. Note that you can continue upgrading the wood frame until you run out of wood units in your inventory. Remember, each upgrade requires you to spend an extra four units of wood. But you can also upgrade the wood frames into cobblestone, concrete, and steel variants to reinforce them further.

Turning Wood Blocks Into Cobblestone Blocks

If you want to proceed with upgrading your wood blocks into cobblestone blocks, you must use 10x Cobblestone Rocks for this operation. Craft 1x Cobblestone Rock by combining 1x Small Stone and 1x Clay Soil by hand. Alternatively, you can search various points of interest in Navezgane for Cobblestone Pallets. Once found, use a Shovel to acquire the materials needed for the upgrade. But prepare yourself, as many of these points of interest have severe zombie infestations.
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