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7 Days to Die

Does 7 Days To Die Have An Ending?

Posted on by justin
Players have one mission in 7 Days to Die – to survive. But it also begs the question, does 7 Days to Die have an ending? Here we'll cover how the game progresses and what happens if you survive that fateful 7th day.

Does 7 Days to Die Have an Ending?

7 Days to Die Ending An ending in 7 Days to Die doesn’t exist. Generally, dying in the game spells doom for the player. However, death might still not be the end if you persevere. Note that you’ll lose items upon dying in 7 Days to Die. But the items lost during death depend on the option selected upon loading the map. These selections are self-explanatory, and they’re as follows:
  • Everything
  • Tool-belt only
  • Backpack only
  • Delete All
  • Nothing
The “Everything” and “Delete All” options are different. The former results in dropping everything that you’re carrying when you die. But “Delete All” won’t only drop your items, but your backpack and tool-belt items will also disappear permanently. Dying in 7 Days to Die causes the Near Death Trauma effect, an XP debt, and an additional 10% XP loss.

What Happens On Day 7 in 7 Days to Die?

Remember, the game’s title is 7 Days to Die, and there's no deception there. In the game you have seven days to prepare before a feral undead horde will swarm to your location. Before this day arrives, you can build a base or collect the best weapons to protect yourself as much as possible. This event will begin at 22:00 on the seventh day, and zombies will aggressively travel to your position en masse. The waves of undead will continue until the next morning. If you survive, you’ll have another seven days to prepare for the next horde. Bear in mind that the invasion’s difficulty ramps up with each passing week. So, don’t be complacent, thinking you can survive Day 14, 21, or 28 just because you endured Day 7.

Can You Win In 7 Days To Die?

It depends on your definition of “winning”. Some consider surviving a specific number of waves a victory, but the game never truly ends, sending more difficult hordes at players every 7 days until they crumble.
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