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7 Days to Die

Can You Sleep in 7 Days to Die?

Posted on by justin
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The undead yearns for their next victim as night falls in Navezgane. Your only hope is to survive before dawn. But it does make you wonder if you can sleep in 7 Days to Die. Continue reading as we dive deep into the concern.

Can You Sleep in 7 Days to Die?

7 Days to Die Sleep Is it possible to sleep in 7 Days to Die? The short answer is no. Once you start a new game, the beginner’s quests task players with creating a Bedroll using 10x Plant Fibers. However, there’s no way to interact with that piece of furniture apart from moving it around. Instead, the Bedroll in 7 Days to Die acts as a respawn point. Without it, a player will respawn at a random location around the map upon dying. This scenario can put some players in direr situations than usual, especially if they already have a base or camp on the other end of the map. Nonetheless, players can shorten the night or skip it entirely. For the former, set the night cycle to its minimum setting for it to pass faster than normal. On the other hand, use the "settime" admin command on the in-game command console to set the current time of day or night. This way, you can permanently make it daytime in Navezgane without tinkering with the map's controls. However, this command only functions in single-player and if you're the server administrator in multiplayer.

What Happens If You Die In 7 Days To Die?

7 Days to Die Death In a game where death is rampant, the time will come when death knocks at your door. If you follow the tutorial quests and craft a Bedroll (and place it), the game gives you two respawn options when you die: “Spawn on bed” or “Spawn nearby bed.” Additionally, you’ll lose the items in your inventory when your character kicks the bucket. However, the items lost at this point can depend on the selected option upon creating the map. For more about the item loss in 7 Days to Die, click here.

How to Survive a Night in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Survive Survival is more essential than sleep in 7 Days to Die. But it can be tough to stay alive at night, especially during the game’s first few days. So, here are some quick tips to help you survive the first few nights in 7 Days to Die rather than getting some shuteye:
  • Gather consumables (e.g., food and water) during the day and hide in a closet or closed space at night.
  • Build a small base with a small opening and pathway to bottleneck zombies if they come after you.
  • Avoid climbing tall places like the roofs of houses since zombie vultures can still get you.
  • Tunnel underground with a pickaxe and cover the entrance with stone.
  • Search for a Trader Settlement and stay there for the night since the area is impenetrable.
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