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Will Hytale Be On Game Pass?

Posted on by amber
Xbox Game Pass gives access to hundreds of games, including triple-A releases! However, not every new title is among the options. So, today we answer the question, will Hytale be on Game Pass?

What is Game Pass?

Will Hytale Be On Game Pass? Game Pass Example Games Screenshot Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based videogame on-demand service released by Microsoft June 1st, 2017. Those who subscribe are granted access to a library of over 400 games waiting to be played, ranging from indie to new titles released that very same day. The service has gone on to expand to PC and even includes direct partnerships, such as one with Riot Games.

Will Hytale Be On Game Pass?

Hytale News 2023: Outlander Concept Art On April 16th, 2020, Riot Games completed the acquisition of Hypixel Studios, bringing both the team and Hytale under its banner. Since nearly every other Riot game is found on Game Pass due to the previously mentioned partnership, chances are very high Hytale will one day be among them. Should that end up being the case, Riot titles on Game Pass often include exclusive in-game goodies, giving even more reason to be excited. Hytale has previously stated how important customization will be, so exclusive cosmetics will likely be highly coveted.

What Happens After Game Pass Expires?

RighteousPebble's Hytale Concept Art of a Mystical Desert Structure Game Pass is a monthly subscription, meaning once it is canceled and expires, the games from it become unavailable. However, their data is not deleted unless the console or PC owner personally does it themselves. Those who resubscribe in the future or directly buy the game will both be able to pick up right where they left off.

A Hytale Adventure Approaches

The long wait for Hytale continues, but each day that passes is one closer to the day we get to play. At least we have developer updates to tide us over! Perhaps the latest one was hinting at public play tests in our future? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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