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Where Do Bogged Skeletons Spawn in Minecraft 1.21?

Posted on by amber
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Nothing is scarier than an arrow from a Stray, but what if we said a new type of skeleton has joined the fray? Today, we answer the question of where do Bogged Skeletons spawn in Minecraft 1.21. The newest mob added as of Snapshot 24W07A!

An Overview of Bogged Skeletons

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chamber Trial Spawner Screenshot Officially dubbed the “Bogged,” these mud and moss-covered mobs are a new skeleton variant that first appeared in Minecraft Snapshot 24W07A. Their behavior is similar to their skeleton cousins, but players will need to watch out for a few key changes. Bogged have less health and fire arrows much slower. However, they make up for that loss in power by firing deadly poison arrows. Overall, we recommend bringing a shield.

Where do Bogged Skeletons Spawn?

Minecraft 1.21 Bogged Skeletons Spawning in Swamps Screenshot Bogged Skeletons spawn in Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes, but players will also occasionally find them in Trial Chambers through Trial Spawners. To know if a Trial Spawner contains this frightening monster, look at the blocks surrounding its base. If there are mushrooms growing on top of Podzol and Bone blocks, the Trial Spawner will spawn Bogged Skeletons.

Bogged Skeleton Drops

  • 100% Chance - Bone (0 to 2)
  • 100% Chance - Arrow (0 to 2)
  • 50% Chance - Arrow of Poison (1)
  • 5-8 Experience
Alongside any equipment the Bogged happens to have spawned with, it can drop Bones, Arrows, and an Arrow of Poison. The number of Bones and Arrows increases with each level of the Looting enchantment to a maximum of five at Looting III. Meanwhile, the Arrow of Poison can only ever drop one, but the odds of it dropping increase with each level of Looting to a maximum of 93%. Unfortunately, much like the Stray, the unique arrow drop can only occur if the Bogged Skeleton is killed by the player.

A Guide’s End

Between Witches, Slimes, and Bogged Skeletons, Swamp biomes will make getting Mending Villagers a troubling time! Thankfully, Frogs are there to give encouragement as they idle on by. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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