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When Is the Minecraft Tricky Trials Release Date?

Posted on by amber
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The 15th anniversary has come and gone, but not without one last surprise to cheer us on! So, today, we explore the upcoming release of Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials and answer the question, “When is the Minecraft Tricky Trials release date?”

Minecraft Tricky Trials Release Date

The Minecraft Tricky Trials release date is June 13th, 2024. As for the exact time, Mojang did not provide a specific hour. However, they tend to release updates between early morning and noon Eastern Standard Time.

Key Features

Minecraft Tricky Trials Logo

Trial Chambers

The most significant feature coming our way is the new structure, Trial Chambers. These massive dungeons spawn in the overworld between layers -40 and -20 and contain new mobs, items, and blocks. Most notable of which is the Breeze, an air-shooting and speedy cousin of Blaze.


Those who brave the halls of a Trial Chamber are rewarded with a variety of items, but two, in particular, create a weapon like none other. With a Breeze Rod and Heavy Core, the Mace can be made, and the farther one falls, the more damage they will deal if the hit lands.


Back on the surface, a new block is about to change redstone forever. The Crafter automatically crafts items when powered, allowing for fully-fledged redstone factories to be a reality. Not to mention, it is simply convenient!

Much, Much, More

Tricky Trials has mountains of content to enjoy, including another new mob called the bogged and countless blocks such as the copper bulb. The only thing left is to get out there and explore!

How to Make Minecraft Tricky Trials Servers

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