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What’s Coming in Minecraft 1.20.5?

Posted on by amber
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With the New Year’s break behind us, the latest Minecraft update can appear at any moment! So, today, we explore all the exciting features coming in Minecraft 1.20.5 and how you too can give them a try.


Minecraft 1.21 Armadillo Guide: Family of Armadillos Screenshot That’s right! The winner of the 2023 Mob Vote will be arriving in Minecraft 1.20.5, complete with a new texture. Armadillos spawn in the savanna, savanna plateau, and windswept savanna biomes and are bred using Spider Eyes. Additionally, if players move too quickly while Armadillos are nearby, they will roll up into a ball as they are quite shy.

Armadillo Scute

Minecraft 1.20.5 Armadillo Scute Not to be confused with Turtle Scute, Armadillo Scute drops passively from Armadillos every five to ten minutes. Players interested in gathering them faster can also use the Brush Tool on Armadillos, which will cause one Armadillo Scute to drop instantly.

Wolf Armor

Minecraft Wolf Armor Screenshot Alongside Armadillos, Mojang is adding Wolf Armor! This handy item will function similarly to Horse Armor but is limited to a single variant made from Armadillo Scute. Those looking to craft this item for their fluffy friends will need six Armadillo Scute and a Crafting Table. Once gathered, place one Armadillo Scute on the top left corner of the crafting table, one on each slot of the middle row, and one in both the bottom left and right corners. The completed armor can then be equipped to a Tamed Wolf by right-clicking it with the item. As of the latest snapshot, Wolf Armor can not be dyed, can only be removed using shears, and the armor offers the same protection value as Diamond Horse Armor.

What’s Coming in Minecraft 1.20.5?

For a “minor update,” Minecraft 1.20.5 sure has a ton of content! Normally, mob vote mobs are not released until the next major update. Hopefully, this means big things for Minecraft 1.21! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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