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Weekly Wrap Up - September 1st

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft Beta -

Thanks to a new beta update, players can now test the next steps for Minecraft.

Playing the beta will remove the regular game with a version of Minecraft without Realms, and you’ll have to be creative to keep save progress.

Don’t Miss It: Here’s our guide on the Nether Update

Beta patch will include several new features to check out, so if you’re interested, now is the time to test!

Here are the most important changes:

  • Water and lava will now be visible through a slime or honey block
  • Crops will grow better near chunk borders
  • Fixed a bug where entities weren’t able to be summoned through the execute command
  • Fixed particle effects around animation controllers

The beta is inherently unstable, so do know there can be issues during testing, but this is the kind of leg work that helps the future of Minecraft.

Creeping Winter Coming to Minecraft Dungeons

While the next DLC pack for Minecraft Dungeons isn’t going live until September 8th, we have learned quite a bit about it ahead of release. According to music tracks in the DLC audio folder, the rumors are that three zones, Frozen Fjord, Lonely Fortress, and Lost Settlement will be in the DLC.

These zones work out with the teaser map, so they very well could be coming.

The snowy theme is rumored to include polar bears, frozen versions of classic enemy mobs, and frost-inspired weapons, gear, and magic. 

The Creeping Winter DLC will be joining the Jungle Awakens DLC which came out just a couple months back, and should bring back plenty of the Minecraft Dungeons playerbase that were around for launch. 

This means now is the best time to hop back into the game and prep for September 8th!

Graduation Ceremonies in Minecraft

Due to COVID-19 quarantine, many schools were forced to come up with alternate arrangements for graduations. This has included zoom calls, videos, and plenty more. 

Now graduation has taken a new digital form for some students, thanks to Mojang’s new Graduation Celebration world.

The new world will host up to 30 players, and offers students a nice setting to complete their graduation ceremonies. 

Minecraft players can surely come up with plenty of ways to ruin the ceremonies (TNT comes to mind) - but as long as things are well handled, this is a fun creative outlet for the special occasion during a very bizarre time.

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