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Valheim Wolf Taming & Breeding Guide

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes)
The Wolf is a dangerous animal in Valheim. This hostile creature can deplete your health fast. However, this animal can also become a faithful ally once tamed. So, keep reading, and we’ll guide you on the ins and outs of Wolf taming and breeding in Valheim.

How to Tame a Wolf in Valheim

Valheim Wolf Breed It’s ideal to wait until you can equip gear with reasonably high defense, such as the Fenris Armor set. Otherwise, you may die before reaching the pen when luring a Wolf. It’s also wise to bring healing items if a Wolf manages to catch up to you. Once you’re prepared, follow these steps to tame a Wolf in Valheim:

Step #1: Create the Wolf Pen

The Wolf pen doesn’t have to be large. But it should be reasonably big so the Wolf can roam comfortably. You can build a pen by surrounding a space with Roundpole Fences and Stakewalls. These miscellaneous building materials cost Wood to build, so ensure you have a sufficient amount of this resource.

Step #2: Find and Lure in a Wolf

Travel to a nearby Mountain biome and search for a wild Wolf. Once found, the Wolf will chase after you to the end of the map (if possible) or when you die. Lure the Wolf to the built pen and close the opening. Next, quickly throw Raw Meat into the pen. Sometimes, the frightened Wolf will attack the barricade. So, make sure to repair the fences and walls as quickly as possible to prevent the animal from escaping. Tip: Use spawn commands to give your character Raw Meat instead of grinding for the item.

Step #3: Tame the Wolf

Leave the area after throwing enough Raw Meat into the pen. Note that the Wolf will continue to be frightened while you’re nearby. If so, the animal won’t eat the Raw Meat and will keep attacking the barricade. It takes 30 minutes for the Wolf in the pen to acclimatize. Ensure that the Wolf doesn’t see you during the taming process. Otherwise, the animal will become frightened, and the taming process will lose points. You can sneak a peek at the Wolf in the pen to check the taming progress. You’ll know if the process works when you see yellow hearts rising from the creature’s body. An on-screen notification will appear when the taming period completes.

Breeding Wolves in Valheim

Valheim Wolf Tame Repeat the taming process to lure another Wolf into the pen. Once you have two domesticated wolves in one enclosed space, wait until you see pink hearts rising from the bodies of the two animals. Once this happens, you'll soon have a wolf cub! Keep the wolves as happy as possible by feeding them Raw Meat. Another on-screen notification should appear when the two tame wolves are now proud fur-parents.
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