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Valheim Mini Boss Guide: Locations, Attacks, Strategies, & Loot

Posted on by justin
The Hildir’s Request update not only brought a new NPC to Valheim but also a set of new challenges. These new endeavors come in the form of mini-bosses, which help test your experience and strength. Now, you can find a mini boss in Valheim if you look in the right location. You'll learn more about these mini-bosses as you read through this post.

All Mini Bosses in Valheim

Valheim Mini Boss At the time of writing, Valheim has three mini bosses: Brenna, the Skeleton, Geirrhafa, the Werewolf, and Zil & Thungr, the Goblin Duo.

Brenna, The Skeleton

You’ll find Brenna in the Smouldering Tombs at the Black Forest. She also appears in the “She’s Hot on Your Trail” event. Brenna looks like a burning skeleton with charred black bones while wielding a flaming sword. She only has two attacks:
  • A basic sword slash
  • An AoE attack, wherein she stabs the ground to create a fiery explosion
Note that both attacks are blockable and parryable. Additionally, this boss is weak against blunt damage. So, clubs and other blunt weapons deal 1.5x more damage than other attack types. Frost damage, particularly from the Staff of Frost, is also pretty effective in this fight. However, Brenna is immune to Fire and Poison and will only take half the damage than usual from piercing attacks.
  • Hildir’s Brass Chest
  • Brenna Trophy

Geirrhafa, the Werewolf

Geirrhafa is a Fenring cultist and a werewolf. However, he dons a black cloak over his white fur, unlike a regular cultist who has a red cloak over black fur. Find Geirrhafa in the Mountains biome, particularly in the Howling Caverns. He’s also stronger than Brenna, so prepare for this fight accordingly. Also, pay attention to his three primary attacks, which are the following:
  • Claw swings
  • An AoE frost attack
  • A frost beam
The frost-beam attack, in particular, will only fire in a straight line. Dodge it, and take this opportunity to deal extra damage to Geirrhafa before he recovers. Additionally, avoid wailing at Geirrhafa with your weapons to seemingly no end. Getting hit with his slash attacks can take away a massive chunk of your health. Instead, pace yourself and take advantage of every opening you can find. Wearing armor with high defensive stats, like the Fenris armor set, can also help increase survivability for this fight.
  • Hildir’s Silver Chest
  • Geirrhafa Trophy

Zil & Thungr, the Goblin Duo

Although defined as one boss, Zil and Thungr have separate health bars. This mini-boss is also the toughest in the group, especially since Zil, the smaller Goblin, has more health than Brenna. You’ll find this aggressive duo in the Sealed Towers at the Plains biome. Like Geirrhafa, paying attention to the enemies’ movements is better than blindly attacking them with your weapon. In particular, each goblin has a unique moveset. For Thungr, this giant attacks with the following moves:
  • A quick slash with his club
  • A delayed yet stronger slash with his club
  • A 3-hit club combo
  • A taunt
If you bring Thungr down, you must deal with Zil next. As for this tinier goblin, his attacks are the following:
  • Casts a fireball and hurls it in your direction
  • A melee attack
Also, Zil can cast a blue protective shield while on or off Thungr. Both of these Valheim mini-bosses are invulnerable while the shield is active. So, waiting until the shield dissipates is best before aggroing the bosses again.
  • Hildir’s Bronze Chest
  • Zil Trophy
  • Thrung Trophy
Tip: Reduce the difficulty if you find the Zil & Thungr Valheim mini-boss fight tougher than expected.
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