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Valheim Boss Guide: Bonemass

Posted on by bisecthosting

Valheim's third boss is a creature directly from the Swamp, made of bones and gelatinous goo. It's one of the most intimidating bosses in all of Valheim - Bonemass.

Here's how to summon and kill Bonemass, the third Valheim boss.

How to Summon Bonemass

To summon Bonemass, players will need to acquire some materials, do some exploring, and find his spot in the Swamp biome.

To find Bonemass' location, players must be found in Sunken Crypts, the skeleton dungeons. There a Forsaken altar will be revealed to you via your map.

Once you've got the summoning altar's location, you'll bring ten Withered bones to the altar, and the summoning begins.

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How to Kill Bonemass

The Elder may be a big step up in difficulty from Eikthyr, but Bonemass is another leap entirely.

Bonemass poses lethal threat throughout his fight, much like the other creatures of the Swamp biome. Bonemass is also a massive boss, and will challenge players to navigate tricky terrain in the Swamp to escape his pursuit.

To prepare for the fight, you'll need plenty of Poison resistance, as all of Bonemass' attacks deal Poison damage. You should also rely on blunt weapons, as they perform extremely well against Bonemass and his Slimes.

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Once you have the right tools and supplies, it's time to learn what moves to look out for on Bonemass.

Bonemass has three different attacks:

  • Charging up a green poisonous cloud that deals damage in a massive area.
  • Swiping at players when in melee range.
  • Summoning Skeletons and Slimes by throwing out a ball of goo.

The most important time to attack Bonemass is during his summoning animation, where he will lean back, and pull out a ball of goo from his body, and then throw it out. Players can get some quick damage in around this time window, on top of utilizing ranged attacks and catching Bonemass while moving.

Once you get the hang of these abilities and their animations, killing Bonemass is all about keeping high enough health to survive poisonous area of effect attacks and spawned enemies while still delivering damage throughout. Positioning is key, and bringing friends certainly won't hurt your chances.

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