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Valheim Barber Station Guide: How to Unlock, Hairstyles, & More

Posted on by justin
Are you tired of how your character looks in Valheim? If so, you can use the Barber Station to change your character’s base appearance. But you must unlock this crafting station first. So, keep reading as we cover how to unlock and build the Barber Station in Valheim.

How to Unlock the Barber Station in Valheim

Valheim Barber Station Location Unlock the Valheim Barber Station by visiting and interacting with Hildir once. Introduced in Patch 0.217.14, Hildir the Merchant is a docile Dvergr NPC that provides quests and items on sale. However, you don’t need to take on any of her quests to unlock the Barber Station. Search for Hildir in the Meadows biome, unlike her brother, Haldor, who’s in the Black Forest. You’ll know when you’re near her camp when you see a T-shirt icon on your minimap. Hildir’s camp is about 3,000 to 5,100 meters away from the world seed’s center. Instead, you must buy the Barber Kit from Hildir for 600 Coins. Then, craft the Barber Station from the Workbench using the following items:
  • 1x Barber Kit
  • 10x Fine Wood
  • 5x Bronze Nails
  • 5x Troll Hide
Tip: Gather Coins by killing trolls and fulings or opening chests and looting dungeons. Alternatively, you can sell valuable items to Haldor and Hildir, such as Amber, Ruby, and Silver Necklace.

Barber Station Hairstyles

Valheim Barber Station The following are the beard and hairstyles you can apply to your character using the Valheim Barber Station:

Hair Styles

  • Braids of Strength
  • Gathered Locs
  • Loose 2
  • Loose 3
  • Merchant's Braid
  • Shaved and Braided
  • Short Locs
  • Single Bun 2

Beard Styles

  • Bushy
  • Neat
  • Royal 3
  • Spiky
Aside from these styles, you can change your Valheim character’s Hair Tone and Blondness using the appropriate gauges. Note: Some players didn’t like the modern-style chair of the Barber Station. Jonathan Smårs, Iron Gate’s Senior Developer, noticed the feedback and updated the chair’s appearance.
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