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How to Get Oil in V Rising

Posted on by justin
Previously known as Fish Oil before the release of the Gloomrot update, Oil is a valuable resource in V Rising that can craft two notable items. Here we'll cover the different ways to get oil in V Rising and the things you can make from it.

How to Get Oil in V Rising

V Rising Oil There are three main ways to farm oil in V Rising at the time of writing.


For an item once known as Fish Oil, it makes sense that you can fish to collect this resource. But before you can, you must defeat the Level 20 V Blood boss Rufus the Foreman, at the Bandit Logging Camp in Farbane Woods to unlock the Fishing Pole crafting recipe. Once you have the Fishing Pole, use it at a fishing spot to catch fish. Then, process the fish you caught at the Blood Press, where you can convert them to Oil. Note that different types of fish give varying amounts of Oil.
  • Fat Goby, Fierce Stinger, and Rainbow Trout give 6x Oil
  • Blood Snapper, Sage Fish, and Twilight Snapper give 10x Oil
  • Golden River Bass and Swamp Dweller give 14x Oil
Also, if you’re lucky enough to catch “The Fish,” the rarest fish in V Rising, you can use it at The Devourer to get oil. Doing so lets the crafting station produce a whopping 50x Oil, 20x Gold Jewelry, and 200x Silver Coins.

Processing Hallow Wood

For those not interested in a night out on the lake, you can also process Hallow Wood into oil. Do note that it takes 40x Hallow Wood to convert to just 1x Oil, making this perhaps not the most efficient method.

Defeating Humans

Finally, players looking to fight their way through progression literally can farm Oil by killing humans at Mosswick Village in the Dunley Farmlands. In the end, strong vampires can make this the most efficient method to farm Oil by killing these humans quickly and efficiently.

Oil Crafting Recipes in V Rising

At the time of writing, you can only use Oil to craft two items. These in-game objects are the following:
  • Thick Leather: Use 1x Oil and 16x Thick Hide at the Tannery
  • Fire Resistance Brew: Use 40x Fire Blossom, 4x Oil, and 1x Filled Waterskin at the Alchemy Table
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