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How to Get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

Posted on by justin
Don’t confuse the regular Blood Essence with the Greater Blood Essence in V Rising. The former will help fuel structures and crafting stations in your castle. But the latter can craft end-game fixtures, weapons, and jewelry, and help you uncover hidden knowledge as well. With that, here's how to farm Greater Blood Essence in V Rising from the less efficient early-game methods to more efficient late-game approaches.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

V Rising Greater Blood Essence Greater Blood Essence is an extremely useful resource in V Rising, and many players may find themselves on the hunt for it to accomplish their goals throughout the game's progression. While some methods to gather Greater Blood Essence are less efficient than others, there are ways to get this resource fairly early in the game if you're willing to put in the work.

Defeat Enemies (Level 30 and Above)

V Rising Kill Enemies Perhaps the most basic way of obtaining Greater Blood Essence is to defeat enemies. However, only enemies level 30 and above will drop this resource. Tip: Read our V Rising Beginner’s Guide to get a head start on progressing to this point in the game.

Using Unsullied Hearts

V Rising Unsullied Hearts Alternatively, V Rising vampires can craft 4x Unsullied Heart at the Blood Press to turn those items into 1x Greater Blood Essence. Thankfully, you can farm Unsullied Hearts from defeating low-level enemies. That means you can get your hands on this early-game item to get to Greater Blood Essences quickly. As for the Blood Press, unlock this crafting station first by activating the “Fortify” part of the main quest line. Then, you must use 8x Plank and 120x Stone on a free 6x5 tile space in your castle to build it.

Combining Blood Essences

V Rising Blood Essence Another method to farm Greater Blood Essence is to use its regular counterpart. However, you must gather 200x Blood Essence to transform those items into 1x Greater Blood Essence. You can complete this transmutation at the Blood Press. Also, you can only craft the Greater Blood Essence using Blood Essence after defeating Tristan the Vampire Hunter. Find this level 44 V Blood boss roaming the roads of Dunley Farmlands and Farbane Woods. You can use Waygates to travel near Tristan’s possible locations to find him quickly. Although using 200x Blood Essence might seem like a lot, the game has no shortage of this resource. Defeat as many enemies as possible throughout your playthrough, and you’ll soon have a surplus of Blood Essences to help craft a number of items including rings, weapons, castle buildings, and more.
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