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How to Get Crude Gems in V Rising (Amethyst, Emerald, Miststone, Ruby, Sapphire, & Topaz)

Posted on by justin
In V Rising, crude gems are a range of valuable crafting materials that make some of the game's important items. For example, using 4x Crude Topaz, 8x Grave Dust, and 1x Greater Blood Essence at the Artisan Table yields the Ring of the Duskwatcher. With that, here's how to get crude gems like Crude Amethyst, Crude Topaz, Crude Emerald, Crude Sapphire, Crude Ruby, and Crude Miststone in V Rising.

How to Get Crude Gems in V Rising

V Rising Crude Gems At the time of writing, the Crude Gems in V Rising are as follows:
  • Crude Amethyst
  • Crude Topaz
  • Crude Emerald
  • Crude Sapphire
  • Crude Ruby
  • Crude Miststone
Despite the variety, the methods of obtaining these valuable in-game resources are (thankfully) the same.

Destroy Stone Nodes

You can find Stone Nodes throughout Vardoran, and you can generally whack at the regular variants for a slim chance of receiving at least one Crude Gem from them. Increase your chances of obtaining Crude Gems from Stone Nodes by destroying those with jutting prismatic shards. Note that you must have a sufficiently high-damaging weapon to break the Prismatic Stone Nodes and reap their rewards. Alternatively, you can craft explosives to destroy these rock formations quickly. Make explosives by combining 8x Sulphur, 8x Plank, and 4x Whetstone at the Alchemy Table crafting station. Place this box near a Stone Node. Then, explode the box and the node by hitting the former.

Kill Stone Golems

Search Farbane Woods for Stone Golems and defeat them for Crude Gems. One Stone Golem should drop at least one Crude Gem upon beating it. Note that Stone Golems are level 36 normal enemies in V Rising. So, new players might find it more difficult than expected to take one down while they’re still in the game’s early stages. Tip: Read our V Rising Beginner’s Guide to help get you to a point wherein you can defeat Stone Golems and gather Crude Gems easily. Another option is to work together with online friends to help you defeat these enemies.

Buy from the Gavyn the Shady Dealer

Also called the Shady Gem Dealer, Gavyn travels from the western to the eastern side of Farbane Woods. This NPC typically follows the southern road while traveling. Interact with Gavyn once you see him. He’ll then show you his wares, including a complete set of Crude Gems you can buy. Note that each Crude Gem from Gavyn costs 12 Copper Coins.
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