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Best Base Locations in V Rising

Posted on by justin
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The land of Vardoran has many places for vampires to build their castles. But only a few locations stand out from the rest. These areas are great for their general position to farm resources while staying reasonably safe from hostile NPCs. So, keep reading as we tell you more about the best base locations in V Rising.

Best Base Locations in V Rising

V Rising Best Base Locations Before proceeding, it’s important to note that the “best” base locations in V Rising can be subjective. Nonetheless, the following map locations can help give valuable insights to vampires struggling to find the ideal place for their next castle.

Location #1: West Farbane Woods

V Rising West Farbane Woods To reach this base location, travel to the plateau formation between the Bandit Armory and Gleaming Meadows. This place can be a great foundation for your castle during the game's early stages. This particular location grants players fairly easy access to Dunley Farmlands. Additionally, it’s reasonably close to the Iron Mine. For those on PvP servers, the plateau’s design also creates a natural chokepoint, allowing players to focus their defenses on that spot.

Location #2: Northwest of Hallowed Mountains

V Rising Northwest Hallowed Mountains The Hallowed Mountains is a mountainous region in V Rising that works as a natural defense against hostile NPCs and enemy players. It has five possible base locations, but the northwest area is particularly suitable for a castle. The northwest part of the Hallowed Mountains has multiple entrances, which may seem like a drawback rather than an advantage. However, these entry points are pretty close to each other to let players deploy fast defensive strategies when needed. Additionally, a Cotton Farm is nearby, so you won’t run out of this resource if you build a base in this location. For those who enjoy Winter views, the Hallowed Farm's snowy weather is also a fantastic backdrop for your castle.

Location #3: Central Dunley Farmlands

V Rising Central Dunley Farmlands Entering the middle stages of V Rising may want you to build another castle in the central area of Vardoran. In particular, travel to the center of Dunley Farmlands for a two-tier plateau, perfect terrain to keep your base safe. Here, you’ll be close to various mid-game resources. For instance, the river to the right of the plateau has many fishing spots, perfect to keep your prisoners well-fed. The Iron Mine is also reasonably close to this location if you don’t mind walking a bit. This base location's natural choke points make it a great spot to defend from player onslaughts as well, so if PVP is a concern, this may be the spot for you.

Location #4: South Silverlight Hills

V Rising South Silverlight Hills As you get stronger in V Rising, you might want to build another base at the entrance to the game’s late-game content – Silverlight Hills. Here, there are two main locations where you can build your base. These sites are ideal for farming resources, such as the Imperial Thread, regardless of the chosen location, and both are reasonably close to Silverlight Hills and Farbane Woods. Build a base in either of these places, and you’ll be in the general vicinity of two V Blood Bosses: Level 64 Mairwyn the Elementalist and Level 68 Morian the Stormwing Matriarch. Various horses are also nearby if you want to tame another trusty steed.

Location #5: East Cursed Forest

V Rising East Cursed Forest Press forward from South Silverlight Hills, and you’ll find another potential base location in the eastern region of the Cursed Forest. In particular, travel to the easternmost part of this biome. You’ll know when you get there since it's at the top leftmost corner of this part of the map. This fairly large expanse of land has two entry points, allowing vampires to focus their defenses on these areas. Build a castle here, and you’ll be close to endgame resource-gathering points for Ghost Yarn and Spectral Dust. Be warned, for this place isn’t for the faint-hearted. Enemies are lurking in every corner, be it hostile NPCs or enemy vampires. Always be on your guard when you step out of this location, as enemies are anxiously waiting to attack.

Location #6: East of Gloomrot North

V Rising East of Gloomrot North Take advantage of Gloomrot and its never-ending lightning storm as a natural defense with this potential base location. Brave the perils that await as you travel slightly north of the Pools of Rebirth. Here, you’ll find a fairly small double-layered hill. Despite the size limitations, this place is quite easy to defend. It only has one entry point, forcing PvP attackers in one direction. Additionally, a Treasure Hunter Trade Post is a short trek to the west if you need additional supplies (at the cost of coin).
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