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The Front Fermenter Guide: All Drinks, How to Use, & Recipes

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes)
The Fermenter in The Front is a structure used to create different beverages. Most of these craftable drinks can provide buffs to help increase survivability. But you must first learn how to craft and use this structure to take advantage of those consumable items.

Crafting the Fermenter in The Front

The Front Fermenter Crafting the Fermenter in The Front is the first step before you can use it. First, craft the Stone Furnace from the Crafting Bench using 30x Stone and 8x Fiber. Once crafted, place the Stone Furnace in your preferred location. Next, interact with the Stone Furnace and put Wood in the structure’s Consumable Bar. Then, select the Copper Ingot recipe on the right and place Copper Ores in the structure’s Inventory section. Note that you must use 25x Wood and 8x Copper Ingot to craft the Fermenter. Click “Activate” below the Consumable Bar when you’re ready. Wait for the process to complete. Return to the Crafting Bench and use the ingredients needed to craft the Fermenter. Again, wait for the crafting procedure to complete. Then, transfer the newly crafted Fermenter from the Crafting Bench’s Inventory section to your backpack. Click on the Fermenter on your backpack and press “C” to use it. If successful, the game closes the backpack window and gives you a preview of the possible location of the newly crafted structure. Place the Fermenter at your preferred location to start using it.

Using the Fermenter: All Drinks & Crafting Recipes

The Front Fermenter Usage Using the Fermenter in The Front is a reasonably straightforward affair, unlike the Manual Miner. Players must only walk to the Fermenter and press “F” on their keyboards. The window for the structure should appear afterward. Next, select the beverage you want to craft on the right. Click “Craft” on the chosen drink, and the process should begin if you have the necessary ingredients. Use the beverages to give you an advantage over enemies, especially with the hostile enemies coming with future patches. The beverages you can craft with the Fermenter are the following:
  • Alcohol: 50x Wheat
  • Ale: 8x Alcohol, 2x Water, and 1x Spices
  • Sweet Wine: 8x Alcohol, 2x Water, 1x Watermelon, 5x Wild Berry, and 1x Spices
  • Cocktail: 8x Alcohol, 2x Water, 1x Sugar, 2x Egg, and 1x Spices
  • Bloody Mary: 8x Alcohol, 2x Water, 1x Chili Pepper, 2x Tomato, and 1x Spices
  • Smoked Salmon Vodka: 8x Alcohol, 2x Water, 1x Spices, 1x Trout, and 2x Prawn
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