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The Front

Top 10 Best Weapons in The Front

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 8 minutes)
The Front offers a plethora of weapons to help increase player survivability. But you might wonder, what are the best weapons in The Front? We’re here to answer this concern. So, stick around!

The Best Weapons in The Front Ranked

The Front Best Weapons Before proceeding, it’s important to mention that the following weapons might not be the best for every player in The Front. However, the weapons mentioned below can be more practical than others in specific scenarios.

10. Iron Axe

The Front Iron Axe Nothing beats an Iron Axe for hacking and slashing enemies to pieces. Despite lacking in power, this weapon can be a great substitute for the craftable Stone Axe at the beginning of the game. Although it’s a craftable weapon, some enemies also drop an Iron Axe, making it an excellent early-game offensive item. Required Level: N/A Crafting Ingredients: 8x Iron Ingot and 4x Rope

Base Stats

  • Physical Damage: 26.9

9. “Militiaman” Bolt Rifle

The Front Militiaman Bolt Rifle Remember, survival is the name of the game, aside from The Front. So, a bolt-action rifle can be helpful in defeating enemies from afar. Enter the “Militiaman” – a bolt-action rifle with reasonably high firepower. It has a slow rate of fire but can help you deal with enemies from a safe distance. Required Level: 26 Crafting Ingredients: 10x Machine Part, 5x Polymer, and 10x Iron Ingot

Base Stats

  • Damage: 107
  • Rate of Fire: 11
  • Range: 150
  • Accuracy: 79
  • Control: 85

8. “Dark Warrior” Assault Rifle

The Front Dark Warrior Assault Rifle Opposite to the “Militiaman,” the “Dark Warrior” has a lower damage output but with a faster rate of fire. This assault rifle also has decent stats across the board, making it an all-around weapon for different shooting scenarios. Additionally, you don’t need to be at a high level to use it. Required Level: 32 Crafting Ingredients: 10x Steel Ingot, 5x Polymer, and 6x Machine Part

Base Stats

  • Damage: 62
  • Rate of Fire: 180
  • Range: 75
  • Accuracy: 48
  • Control: 65

7. “Stryker” Auto Shotgun

The Front Stryker Auto Shotgun While you’re still in the game's middle stages, you may want to craft and use the “Stryker” Auto Shotgun. Unlike a pump-action shotgun, you only need to hold the trigger for this weapon to fire its shells continuously. The “Stryker” also has explosive damage capabilities, albeit at a short range. However, it’s a handy weapon to have when multiple enemies gank you. You can also use it in scenarios like protecting the Spacetime Beacon from enemies when waiting for a supply drop. Required Level: 44 Crafting Ingredients: 9x Tungsten Sheet, 8x Polymer, and 6x Advanced Components

Base Stats

  • Damage: 261
  • Rate of Fire: 74
  • Range: 15
  • Accuracy: 28
  • Control: 42

6. Alloy Bow

The Front Alloy Bow Do you like stealthy approaches when dealing with enemies? The Alloy Bow might be one of the best weapons in The Front for you. Although it has a reasonably low damage output and slow rate of fire, this mid-range weapon has a low risk of alerting nearby enemies when used. If wielded in the hands of the right person, an accurately fired arrow to the head can be more efficient than wasting hundreds of bullets to defeat one enemy. Required Level: 52 Crafting Ingredients: 25x Titanium Ingot, 15x Polymer, and 2x Synthetic Fiber

Base Stats

  • Damage: 34
  • Rate of Fire: 61
  • Range: 40
  • Accuracy: 49
  • Control: 37

5. “Whisperer” SMG

The Front Whisperer SMG Another all-around weapon, the “Whisperer” SMG has a low damage output compared to other weapons at this point in the game. Equippable at Level 53, this gun’s takeaway is its superior control with a reasonably high rate of fire. With its stats, this firearm can be a great secondary option if your primary weapon runs out of bullets. Required Level: 53 Crafting Ingredients: 4x Titanium Sheet, 7x Polymer, 4x Advanced Components, and 25x Ether Shard

Base Stats

  • Damage: 38
  • Rate of Fire: 163
  • Range: 50
  • Accuracy: 40
  • Control: 70

4. “Annihilator” Sniper Rifle

The Front Annihilator Sniper Rifle After gaining additional levels in The Front, you might want to get your hands on the “Annihilator” Sniper Rifle. Combined with explosive firepower and long-distance shooting, kill enemies from afar with this weapon without them knowing what hit them. But unlike weapons like the Aloy Bow, one shot from this Sniper Rifle is quite loud. If you’re playing in a PvP server, some players might detect your position from the sound of this gun. Required Level: 57 Crafting Ingredients: 15x Titanium Sheet, 15x Synthetic Fiber, 5x Advanced Components, and 31x Ether Shard

Base Stats

  • Damage: 312
  • Rate of Fire: 23
  • Range: 200
  • Accuracy: 85
  • Control: 75

3. “Sunstorm” Gatling Gun

The Front Sunstorm Gatling Gun Do you ever feel like becoming a madman in The Front and wasting bullets on incoming enemies? If so, the “Sunstorm” can be a fun weapon. One standard ammunition clip for this weapon holds 100x Rifle Bullets, which won’t take a minute to deplete when holding the trigger. But doing so can hurt many enemies nearby, provided you can handle its poor control. Additionally, you must wait until Level 60 before using it, which is the maximum level in The Front at the time of writing. Required Level: 60 Crafting Ingredients: 25x Titanium Sheet, 5x Refined Chip, 12x Synthetic Fiber, and 57x Ether Shard

Base Stats

  • Damage: 85
  • Rate of Fire: 242
  • Range: 110
  • Accuracy: 20
  • Control: 40

2. “Infiltrator” Missile Launcher

The Front Infiltrator Missile Launcher The “Infiltrator” Missile Launcher can decimate hostile NPCs, enemy players, and in-game structures with one hit. For instance, cripple an enemy’s ability to make beverages by firing a missile from the “Infiltrator” to their Fermenter. It’s the most powerful weapon in the game, but it’s not without some shortcomings. For instance, it has the slowest reload animation of all weapons in the game. Plus, finding its ammo can be fairly challenging. So, make sure to make your shot count when firing a missile from this weapon. Required Level: 59 Crafting Ingredients: 8x Titanium Sheet, 12x Polymer, 4x Advanced Components, and 5x Refined Sheet

Base Stats

  • Damage: 1,538
  • Rate of Fire: 6
  • Range: 600
  • Accuracy: 90
  • Control: 60
Tip: Use admin commands to escape the grind in finding ammo for the “Infiltrator.”

1. “Berserker” Grenade Launcher

The Front Berserker Grenade Launcher Excellent firepower and decent stats across the board make the “Berserker” Grenade Launcher to be one of the best weapons in The Front. Some players might even argue that it’s the best firearm in the game. Crafting its ammo is also not incredibly challenging. Plus, you don’t need to be at max level to wield it. Required Level: 49 Crafting Ingredients: 14x Steel Ingot, 2x Polymer, and 4x Machine Part

Base Stats

  • Damage: 386
  • Rate of Fire: 27
  • Range: 70
  • Accuracy: 40
  • Control: 37
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