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The Front 1.0.26 Update Patch Notes: Space-Time Warehouse, Follower Trainer, & More

Posted on by justin
Developer Samar Studio recently released another update for The Front. Named Update 1.0.26, The Front receives two new items, one of which can significantly reduce the need for grinding for items in PVP servers.

What’s Coming in The Front 1.0.26 Update?

The Front 1.0.26 Update The Front 1.0.26 update brings the previously announced Space-Time Warehouse to life. Gone are the days when moving to another PVP server requires you to farm for another set of items in storage. Now, you can access your stored items from any PVP server by pressing “J” on your keyboard (by default). However, some rules apply when using the Space-Time Warehouse. These guidelines are as follows:
  • Each item, such as Salt Ore, has corresponding space-time points
  • The Space-Time Warehouse has a limit to how many space-time points a player can use
  • The number of items and space-time points is account-bound
  • Different characters in the same account can access the same Space-Time Warehouse
  • PVE servers cannot access the Space-Time Warehouse
Apart from the Space-Time Warehouse, update 1.0.26 for The Front also brings a new workstation to help increase the levels of followers quickly. Set your subdued followers into the new Follower Station to let them acquire XP without letting them out on the field. This way, it reduces the grind required to level up each subdued follower. This recent update also adds optimizations and bug fixes to The Front's servers. For instance, players will notice various graphical enhancements, including plant, light, and weather behaviors. Also, exploiting a bug that would increase the normal subdued follower count is no longer possible.

The Front 1.0.26 Full Patch Notes – February 5, 2024

Below are the full patch notes for The Front 1.0.26 update:
New Content
  • Space-Time Warehouse Added Space Time Warehouse tab in the navigation interface; the default shortcut key is "J" Only available on official PVP servers Click and drag your basic materials to the warehouse Every type of material has its own quantity limits Stored basic materials can be extracted from other PVP servers You will have to wait for the materials to be uploaded before the extraction There will be no cooldowns for the extraction
  • Added Follower Trainer, you can put your followers inside and level up them by consuming certain items
  • Added Combat Rations and Advanced Combat Rations, you can use them at the follower trainer
  • All servers Adjusted DLSS settings, added the quality and sharpness for DLSS settings Made some of the ladders in the scene to be climbable Optimized the plant behavior under medium-low graphic settings Optimized some construction assets Optimized the light switch during day and night Optimized the weather behavior Optimized some of the translations Optimized the logic of captured followers Now it shows the character's position on the map when you open it
Bugs Fixed
  • All servers Some caves have stuck points Constructions can block some bridges Followers might exceed the maximum number available Wrong text when taming the followers
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