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The Front

The Front Salt Ore Farming Guide

Posted on by justin
Since the release of The Front, some players have been searching for valuable resources like Salt Ore. Thankfully, you’re at the right place! So, keep reading as we teach you two methods for farming Salt Ore in The Front.

How to Get Salt Ore in The Front

The Front Inorganic Salt Ore Usage The Front players can use two particular methods to farm Salt Ore in The Front. These techniques are the following:

Method #1: Smelt Stone

Perhaps the most practical way of farming Salt Ore is smelting Stone in a Stone Furnace. Unlock the recipe for this crafting station in the Tech Tree at Level 7. But first, you must craft a Crafting Table using 7x Wood, 2x Tape, and 1x Rope. Next, interact with the Crafting Table and craft the Stone Furnace using 30x Stone and 8x Fiber. Then, interact with the Stone Furnace and choose the Advanced Refinement tab. Here, use 3x Stone to make 1x Salt Ore.

Method #2: Manual Farming

Salt deposits can be found in various locations in The Front. For instance, travel to K11 to find a Salt Mine. Farm Salt Ore in this location by using your pickaxe on the deposits. But be wary, as many enemy NPCs are in the area. It’s also important to mention that this place isn’t for beginners since you’ll encounter enemies Level 25 and over.

Using Salt Ore

The Front Inorganic Salt Ore Salt Ore in The Front doesn’t do much by itself. Instead, you must refine it in a Chemist’s Bench to make Inorganic Salt. Make this crafting station at the Crafting Table using 25x Stone, 35x Wood, and 5x Iron Ingot. Players can then use Inorganic Salt to craft other items, including the following:
  • Crystal Arrow
  • Crystal Battleaxe
  • Crystal Spear
  • Crystal-themed building materials and furniture
  • Fire Resistance Potion
  • Frost Resistance Potion
  • Hardening Potion
  • Poison Resistance Potion
  • Stamina Potion
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