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The Best New Steam Games 2020

Posted on by bisecthosting

Despite COVID-19 and its impacts around the world, gaming had a solid 2020, with many new innovations coming from smaller companies that took the gaming world by storm.

With that in mind, let’s go over the 5 best Steam games of the year.

Crusader Kings III

While the Crusader Kings series is a deep one with many intricacies, its amazing storytelling mechanics and world building brought in plenty of new players for Crusader Kings III.

Crusader Kings III remains one of the top actively played games on Steam nearly two months after its September 1st release - and for good reason. 

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The third edition of the series introduces a new graphical system, a new, larger map with a ton of additional detailing, and plenty of new mechanics like nomads. 

If you’re into strategy games, medieval history, political games, or simply want to give this infamous series a try, Crusader Kings III is a fantastic place to start.


The newest game on this list, Hades, has taken Steam by store in short order after releasing on September 17th.

The rogue-like hack and slash game invokes fond memories of other popular Steam titles like Binding of Isaac, and engages players with a massive and well-written Greek mythology crossover. 

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The game includes thousands of viable character builds that all take gameplay down different routes, all in the effort to take on more difficult challenges and setting record pace with personal best timers.

The game can be as casual or as intense as you take it, which makes it a great pickup for gamers of all kinds.


No game is better as we approach Halloween season than Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia brings players into the world of ghost hunting, where you’ll have to earn money by successfully identifying ghosts to fund future missions - and play your cards right to survive.

Ghosts in the game are clever, speaking to the player depending on their type, and can attack when angered or threatened. If players slip up during a ghost hunt, the punishment is far worse than a spook -  as ghosts will kill if they catch you.

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There are 12 different kinds of ghosts in Phasmophobia, and each missing you go on will take you to a location where a unique ghost is waiting where you’ll have to identify which of the types the ghost is with logic, deduction, and proper field work.. Each mission will include side-missions players must complete like capturing a photo of the ghost, or preventing it from attacking with a crucifix.

The endless replayability of Phasmophobia comes from its economy, new tiers of challenges, different ghost visuals, and tons of unique ghost combinations for side-missions and ghost locations.

If you like scary games, or want to explore a game that makes the ghost hunting shows on TV actually fell exciting and engaging - this is the pick for you.

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Among Us

Among Us may very well be the most long-term successful Steam game on this list, and it comes from the most humble origins. Among Us was originally created as a final project for a college class - and since then, has risen to be an absolute phenomenon of gaming.

The game has captivated a huge range of audience, and even attracts players with entirely different goals and playstyles.

The game is a deception and mystery solver, with unique gameplay mechanics that add enough variety and spice to make it feel like much more than a board game it might otherwise indicate.

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Players spawn in one of three space-based locations, and a specific number of the players will be Impostors, while others will be Crewmates.

Impostors are to kill all Crewmates, winning the game if there are an even number of Impostors and Crewmates at any time.

Crewmates are to complete tasks to win the game, but can also win by voting the Impostors out of the game.

Among Us has a long shelf life for its endless replayability and intriguing gameplay. For players that are looking for a strategy game, detective game, or just fun party game, it’s all there in Among Us.

Fall Guys

No game has made as big a wave in 2020 as Fall Guys - capturing the hearts of gamers from the very beginning.

The charming obstacle course battle-royale style game tasks players with surviving a gauntlet of game types, maps, obstacles, and other players on their way to claiming Crowns.

Fall Guys is a fantastic game that can entertain the entirety of the gaming audience - with a great casual feel and endless potential for big exciting moments.

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Fall Guys also features character customization that players can earn by winning Crowns - which separate the weak from the strong.

While Fall Guys has certainly slowed down some since its massive wave of popularity, the game continues to grow into its Season 2, which introduced new game modes, new maps, skins, and more under its new theme - medieval. 

This makes Fall Guys a fantastic pickup that can entertain any kind of gamer.

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