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The Best Biomes in Minecraft

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft is divided into a huge number of biomes that affect all kinds of gameplay elements like weather, wildlife, plants, enemies, structures and more.

These biomes are part of the fun of adventuring in the game, finding the perfect Minecraft biome for you. And to this day Mojang is adding new biomes to the game to keep the adventure growing.

But some biomes are certainly more preferable than others, especially if you’re looking for specific items or enemies, or visually stunning features to settle around.

With this in mind, let’s go over the best biomes in Minecraft today.


Minecraft currently has over 70 biomes counting unique zones and biomes that no longer spawn naturally in the game.

These biomes range widely from swamps to savannahs, from forests to deserts, all the way to things like The End and The Void.

These biomes serve different purposes in the game, whether including visually stunning natural features or spawning valuable mobs.

The Best Biomes in Minecraft

While each biome adds its own charm to Minecraft, only a handful can make the list of best biomes. Here are the ones that make the cut.

Mushroom Field Shore

Mushroom Fields are some of the most unique biomes ever added to Minecraft, and this variation of the Mushroom Field adds some more exciting elements.

With the Mushroom Field Shore biome, there is the added chance to spawn buried treasure and shipwrecks – on top of the visually fantastic mushroom field backdrop, and its meeting with the shoreline of an ocean biome or river. 

This means the biome allows you to find huge mushrooms, mooshrooms, mushrooms, mycelium alongside the chance for buried treasure and shipwrecks – all while not spawning hostile mobs to have to navigate.

Bamboo Jungle

The jungle biome is probably the most classically engaging of the standard biomes, feeling dense enough to truly explore. And the Bamboo Jungle adds some awesome goodies onto the standard jungle biome – including the presence of pandas

Bamboo Jungles also have the chance to spawn jungle pyramids, which are easily one of the coolest randomly generated structures in Minecraft.

The biome allows you to find bamboo, jungle pyramids, jungle trees, melons, ocelots, oak trees, pandas, parrots, podzols, and plenty of vines.

You’ll be able to build your house up in the trees, and what more could we really ask for?

Warm Ocean

Thanks to the Minecraft Aquatic Update, water has evolved massively in the game. Most Minecraft players don’t think much of ocean biomes – and are more concerned with on-land activity. But for players that brave the depths, and for those willing to make residing underwater a possibility, warm oceans provide the most beautiful underwater scenery in the game. And this biome is really pushed to another level on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition where coral and more unique features can spawn.

This biome allows you to find andesite, coral, coral blocks (alive and dead), coral fans (alive and dead), coral reefs, diorite, dolphins, granite, magma blocks, pufferfish, sand, seagrass, sea pickles, shipwrecks, squid, tropical fish, and warm underwater ruins

With all of these different visually striking elements, random formations are beautiful more often than not, giving you plenty of different sights to see and settle around. Living in a warm ocean biome is like having a massive aquarium outside of your front door.

Soul Sand Valley

We wouldn’t be able to end this list without giving credit to the fantastic Nether Update and the many interesting biomes it’s added to Minecraft. Even if being in the Nether still gives us the creeps.

The Soul Sand Valley biome may not have all the riches of the other Nether biomes, but it creates for the most visually stunning natural formations, and terrifying true-to-life Nether experience.

The Soul Sand Valley exists in contrast to the usual Nether biomes as a grotto filled with unique structure from the floor to the skies, with massive spires running as far as you can see tinted and obscured in the unique blue fog.

The biome allows you to find basalt, basalt pillars, bastion remnants, blue fog, bone blocks, endermen, ghasts, lava, netherrack, nether fossils, ruined portals, soul fire (from ghasts), soul sand, and soul soil.

While this biome is perhaps the least hospitable in the game apart from The Void and The End – with plenty of dangerous enemy spawns and soul sand to slow your escape, it’s the eeriness and environment of this biome that put it on the list. It’s very unlikely you’ll be able to turn this biome into a home, but for those willing to rough it (and die pretty often), the rewards are a dangerous adventure in a mystifying and haunting location with challenges around every corner.

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What is your favorite biome? Comment below!

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