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Terraria Skeletron Boss Guide: How to Summon, Fight Tips, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
Progressing through Terraria requires players to find and defeat various bosses. One of these bosses is Skeletron, and beating Skeletron lets you enter the Dungeon. So, prepare for this fight by reading this Skeletron boss guide.

How to Summon Skeletron in Terraria

Terraria Skeletron Travel to the Dungeon at the map's far right or far left to find the Old Man. Wait until night to talk to this NPC, and select the “Curse” option. Doing so will transform the Old Man into Skeletron, and the fight ensues if successful. The Old Man may say you’re too weak to challenge Skeletron. It’s because you must also fulfill other requirements before you can fight his boss form. These qualifications are:
  • One player in the current world must have at least 300 maximum health
  • One player in the current world must have more than 10 defense
However, you can still fight Skeletron even if you don’t fulfill these requirements. But you should know that the fight will be more challenging than expected. After defeating Skeletron in Terraria, the Clothier NPC will move into your town, provided there’s an available living space. You can then resummon Skeletron by equipping the Clothier Voodoo Doll and killing this NPC at night. Note: The Clothier Voodoo Doll has a less than 1% chance to drop from Angry Bones and Dark Casters in the Dungeon from version 1.2.

How to Beat Skeletron in Terraria

Terraria Beat Skeletron Beating Skeletron in Terraria is a requirement to progress through the game since you must defeat this boss to gain access to the Dungeon. Thankfully, you can take the time to build an arena before beginning the fight. Take this opportunity to build long platforms around the arena so you can move easily. Otherwise, the terrain might hinder you from evading Skeletron’s attacks. Next, wear your best weapon and armor at this point in the game. For defense, the Molten Armor is an excellent choice since it also has the highest defense among all pre-Hardmode armor sets. As for your weapon, you have various choices depending on your build. For melee users, yo-yos like the Amazon can be great at dealing consecutive mid-range damage to Skeletron. Ranged characters can use weapons like the Demon and Tendon Bow equipped with Frostburn Arrows. You can also use the Star Cannon for massive damage, albeit ammunition for this weapon is scarce at this point in the game. Magic-built characters can use weapons like the Crimson Rod and Space Gun (more effective when paired with the Meteor Armor set). Finally, summoners may use the Imp Staff and Snapthorn. Note: Failure to kill Skeletron by sunrise will enrage the boss, significantly increasing its offensive and defensive capabilities.


Generally, Skeletron will float around the area with its two independently floating hands. Note that each part of this boss can pass through blocks, so you can’t isolate yourself in a room to block its attacks. Thankfully, Skeletron’s attacks are reasonably predictable, especially since they only alternate between two moves – hand slashes and head spins.

Loot Table

  • Skeletron Mask
  • Skeletron Hand
  • Book of Skulls
  • Skeletron Trophy
  • Chippy’s Couch
  • Healing Potion
  • Lesser Healing Potion
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