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Terraria Mourning Wood Guide: How to Summon, Attacks, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
Introduced in version 1.2.1 and as part of the game’s Halloween update, the Mourning Wood in Terraria is a mini-boss that only spawns as part of an event. While it may be overlooked, players who underestimate this enemy could meet a swift end by its hands or its fireballs.

How to Summon Mourning Wood in Terraria

Terraria Mourning Wood Summoning the Mourning Wood boss in Terraria requires players to trigger the Pumpkin Moon event. Use the Pumpkin Moon Medallion item to trigger this post-Plantera Halloween-themed event. If done correctly, the message “The Pumpkin Moon is rising…” will appear on the lower left portion of the screen. Similar to the Frost Moon event, players must defeat enemies in waves while the Pumpkin Moon event is active. The Mourning Wood won’t appear until the 4th wave. Note: Using the Pumpkin Moon Medallion during the day won’t use the item. But it also won’t trigger the invasion.

Mourning Wood Boss Fight Guide: Attacks, Tips, & Loot Table

Terraria Mourning Wood Fight Despite its name sounding like a dirty joke, the damage capability of the Mourning Wood in Terraria is no laughing matter. For starters, mobility is the key to winning a fight with the Mourning Wood. This is because its attacks can bypass walls and doors. So, hiding yourself in a closed space while attacking isn’t a good strategy against this difficult enemy. Using range or magic attacks is ideal for this fight. It’s also good to equip weapons with piercing attacks or those that can harm multiple enemies at once, such as the Chlorophyte Shotbow. That way, you can also deal damage to other enemies in the Pumpkin Moon invasion while fighting Mourning Wood. Another option is to place items within the battle area that can increase health regeneration. Some examples include Campfires and Heart Statues. Players can also activate the event near a large body of water. That way, the Mourning Wood can’t pass through it, making its attack less effective. Warning: Be careful when placing NPCs in the area, like the Druid or Nurse. Mourning Wood’s attacks that can pass through walls can harm or even kill those characters, even if they’re hiding behind closed doors.
The Mourning Wood has three primary attacks:
  • High-damaging flaming projectiles
  • Throws lingering flames on the ground
  • Contact damage through touch
Out of these three attacks, be wary of the flaming projectiles. These fireballs can pass through surfaces, making it dangerous to hide behind surfaces for protection.
Loot Table
  • Spooky Wood
  • Spooky Twig
  • Spooky Hook
  • Cursed Sapling
  • Necromantic Scroll
  • Stake Launcher
  • Stake
  • Mourning Wood Trophy
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